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    Guys might want to see who's running against this fellow.
    from;Lobo Watch - Wolf News

    Recently, Oregon resident Cathy Keach wrote to Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer in regard to the growing impact of wolves in that state. Cathy and her husband Mike are ranchers, and have concerns about the negative impact wolves will have on their livlihood. They are also extremely outdoor oriented people, and are also worried about how wolf depredation will rob them and others of the opportunity to hunt elk and other game - as it is robbing sportsmen in Idaho and Montana right now.

    Typical of extremely out-of-touch politicans these days, Representative Blumenauer sent her back the following form letter.

    Dear Mrs. Kaech,

    Thank you for contacting me about the fate of gray wolves. I share your concern about undermining the wolves' protection under the Endangered Species Act, and I strongly opposed the inclusion of this policy rider in the recent budget deal. I am especially concerned about the precedent of Congressionally delisting species from the Endangered Species Act, as I believe these decisions should be made by wildlife experts and scientists, not members of Congress.

    I have been inspired by the recovery of the gray wolf in Yellowstone, and have watched the positive impacts it has had on the rest of the ecosystem. While I support state efforts to manage wolves, they must do so in a way that ensures healthy wolf populations over the long term. Especially in light of lax state protections, I strongly support the wolves' protection under the Endangered Species Act and I will continue working with my colleagues to ensure that the gray wolf makes a full recovery.

    Thanks again for contacting me about this important issue. Please continue to be in touch.


    Earl Blumenauer
    Member of Congress

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    I've seen this stupid statement before. One has to admire the audacity I suppose. Where does this Congressman think the Endangered species act originated? Stone tablets delivered by Moses! It originated with a political body (Congress) has been amended by that body about 6x. It was, is, and will always be political. Of course politics (money) has never influenced experts or scientists. We have to stop sending morons like this to Washington, if we want change.
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    what did you expect he lives in new york