WOA 26" Match Upper or RRA 24" Bull Barrel Upper


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Aug 7, 2011
I am looking to build a long range and accurate ar15 that can shoot both the .223/5.56 ammo. I already own a Bushmaster 7.62x39 AR that has the power for shorter range shooting, but now im ready for the standard AR15 caliber. I have been searching around for the past month and i am going back in forth between the White Oak Arms 26" SS Match Barrel Upper in a 1.8 twist with Wylde chamber or Rock River Arms upper 24" SS Varment Bull Barrel A4 reciever w/ 1.8 twist. Jon from WOA is out of town all month so i can't really ask them any questions about this upper as like what receiver that it comes with or anything of that nature. Im a decent shooter, still learning so i could really use some expert advice between these two uppers. I will be mostly using this gun on a bench. Ive been going back and forth for weeks now trying to decide.
I wrestled between both makers and decided on the WOA. My gun is the 20" varmint special (1-7 twist) and I couldn't be happier. I'm sure if you choose RRA you will be happy too. My research just lead me to WOA...

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For what its worth, WOA and RRA both use the same wilson match quality barrels. the Difference is that WOA does a much smaller volume so they can put more time into each build and less lemons make it out the door. I have a RRA and I complety happy with is sub moa performance. I don't think you will go wrong with either choice. They both shoot Sub moa with any quality ammo that will fit in the mag. If you hand load you can stack rounds on top of each other.
I shoot a WOA on my Colt lower, a 1:7 twist with the double pinned sights. Its a 600 yd MR gun I wouldn't consider anything else. John can fix you up if you can handle the wait. I have a a 1:8 RRA NM and its not quite as predictable but I have no real problems with it other than the sights don't measure up to the WOA.
I have heard great things about the barrels John uses, so from what I have heard I would say go with the WOA !
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