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Jake in NC

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Oct 25, 2002
.. I'd like information on what's needed in a windmeter.. I see lots of different models with different features.. Which are useful and which are just fluff.?? Are the top mounted propellor versions better than the enclosed "impeller" versions.?? Thanks.. JiNC
Hey Jake,

Get the Kestrel, it is top notch!!

I have the 4000, but it isn't really needed for all it's extras. The 3000 has temp and wind.... the MAIN things you need, and pretty much all I use mine for. I got the 4000 because it gave BP as well, I wanted to keep notes on my Oehler 43 as accurate as possible is all. If you need them later, you can find an ALT and BP device pretty **** cheap, it'll just be in a seperate unit is all.

My dad and I were out shooting a couple weeks ago and I had the Kestrel set up on the roof of his pickup monitering wind, well after a while we jumped in the truck and went down to the target 300 yards away. We got backa and was looking for a wind speed before I started shooting
, it was gone!!

Panic!! I knew it had fallen off somewhere on the way but it was icy all over and we had no tracks to know where we drove exactly.

What made it worse is a couple people had stopped in between us and the target, just passing by. We thought they might have spotted it and picked it up. I ended up finding it almost right where they both stopped. It fell from about 6' on the solid ice, guess what.... it still worked! It actually had still been plotting the wind speed too! I was very lucky!!! It never will be set on the truck again, ever! Believe it or not, my brother did the same thing with his M70 338wm, but drove about 5 MILES on the sand bar! When he hit the brake, it fell down on the HOOD!!

One thing I'm not sure people realize, is that even when the Kestrel is turned off it will monitor the temp and everything, plotting it out at what ever time increment you tell it to record at.

I don't know how usefull some might find this, but I woke up one morning and found it had been 20 degrees during this late hunting season night. For a moment I thought I had left it on all night. The wind meter taught me I had NO idea before what the wind was, just like the rangfinder did range! Now I'm a pretty good judge without it. One nice thing it's helpfull doing is, it alows you to watch over a period of time the prevailing wind speed so you can pick a time to shoot that will be more consistant shot to shot, not having to wait for a lul all the time.

The flip open protective cover on the wind meter is a huge plus!

The Kestrel 3000 would be my recommendation unless you'd like the ALT, BP and other features the 4000 has too.

Take care,
Hey Brent.. Thanks for the response.. That's the exact reason I want one of these units.. When I got a rangefinder it was a real eye opener and I'm banking on the same for the windmeter.. With the intent being to get better at judging windspeed w/o it.. I'd really like one with a mounting hole so I can install it on the VersaRest.. I also like the idea of attached protective covers.. The little SkyMate looks interesting but as I understand it the "impeller" models have to be turned perpindicular to the wind to get an accurate reading.. Thanks again.. JiNC
I think that your statement about turning it perpendicular to the wind is wrong.

I just watched them at the Shot Show and you put them in line with your shooting line and they measure wind INCLUDING discounting from full values when the optional tube is attached.

Damned nice unit but the good one did not have altimeter yet as I need. They will add it in the near future.
Brent is right, unless you are into weather predictions the 3000 is less expensive and works very well for wind and temp. Kestral vanes or whatever the hell you call the little spinning thingies are replaceable, not a bad feature if you leave it on the roof of your vehicle and then do another nasty and drive over it (not mentioning any names here...).
I just got a nice unit called a Brunton Sherpa which has too many features again, but works well. Pretty similar to the Kestral except is smaller, impeller/propeller or whatever pivots inside the unit out of the way and protected when not in use. Leica has an almost identical unit only it just does wind and temps. I would bet that the Brunton and Leica are made in the same factory. Might be some simpler Brunton models, not sure.
I carry my wind meters in an old RCBS die box that I cut the dividers out of, nice protection in my gear bag or fanny.
As Brent says, they are a great tool for developing some wind estimation skills, but they won't tell you everything that is happening between you and the target. I use them in conjuction with mirage and natural indicators for my first-round wildass guesstimate. I also carry a little plastic can of wind-floaters (available in archery shops) and some wool yarn. If in a shooting blind I tie the yard to a nearby twig to give me wind direction (very difficult to estimate wind when you are sitting in an enclosed blind).

The Sherpa I saw in Cabelas was the one I was considering at first. When I considered a bunch of people were using the 4000, I just bit the bullet and ordered it on Cabelas 6 pay plan, I didn't have the money for it then and the plan always helps get my new gadgets, even if Cabelas is a bit over priced on some things.

I figure the wind near the shooter influences the bullet to a different course sooner, so the best reading I can get up close makes it worth having.

Learning how much wind causes different objects to move at different intensities etc has paid off big time. I used to think alot of what I was seeing in tree movement was around 20mph, most of the time it was really about 10!

Like the rangefinder, it will help teach me enough to make better shots that aren't too far off without them. The farther they are though, I'd still like to have the definite data. Know what I mean?


It will definatly teach you alot, as expected.
Randy.. You are correct that I was wrong about the impeller versions having to be perpindicular to the wind.. According to the folks over at Speedtech it has to be paralell to the wind to get an accurate reading.. Sorry.. *Brainfart* .. JiNC
Minox is sold by Leica, made by the same people that do the Bruntons I believe. Impellor does a 90 degree turn to store.
I had a Minox for about a year and it was a good little unit, always gave me the same readings as the 3000. Similar to the Sherpa in size, simpler to operate. Gives High, Av. and current speed if I remember correctly. A buddy wanted it more than I did, only reason I let it go.
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