Winchester Classic Laredo LRH 300 Win

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  1. martinakl

    martinakl Well-Known Member LRH Team Member

    Nov 27, 2013
    (A couple questions for the Winchester experts at end).

    I picked up the rifle in title today. Someone was selling some rifles from their uncles estate. Ad said pristine condition. They said they had the rifle in their possession for 12 years and never fired it. The uncle moved to Chicago many years ago and left his guns in Idaho. Based on the condition of the rifle, everything seems to add up. No wear except you can tell the bolt has been cycled some, but not much.

    I brought the gun home and cleaned it up. Ran some patches through it. Zero copper found in the barrel. I only had to run 4 patches through it before they came out clean. Just a little gun powder residue. Very smooth bore.

    I had one of these in 7mm STW a few years ago. It came with the BOSS. I never fired it. It seemed really cool at first but the barrel on the BOSS rifles are super short. About 23” plus the tunable BOSS system/brake. Luckily, I flipped it for a profit on gunbroker.

    Here’s some of what I know (think I know) about the rifles.

    Build for 2-3 years in the late 90’s
    Made in: 7mm, 300 Win, 7mm STW
    Pre 64 action design. “Classic” part
    Made in the custom shop
    Douglas barrels

    My Questions for the Winchester Experts:
    1) Does adding a muzzle brake affect value? (I’m not a rifle collector but maybe this is the start of a new hobby)

    2) I’m wanting 20 MOA base(s). Single piece or two piece. What options? Update: That wasn't too hard. I found what I needed.

    3) There's a spacer in the mag box. Is there an “extended” mag box option, without the spacer? Currently mag box is about 3.39”. If I remember correctly, my 7mm STW had a larger mag box. I believe Winchester has/had a XL action. Just wondering for this offering, if they maybe used the same action for the three camberings (keep costs down).
    Update: I ordered the longer, Winchester Mag Box. About $30 delivered, I'm going to try running it with the original spring and follower first.

    4) Should I even shoot it? Maybe I should just hide it away for a while?
    Update: I'm just going to shoot it.

    5) skim bed or bed lug area?
    Update: I'm going to skim bed the rifle (DIY). I've bedded multiple rifles, in the recoil lug area. I think I'm going to step up my game a little bit and do a complete action bedding.

    I'll just keep the post going with my experiences. I'v had a heck of a time finding good, usable, info on these rifles. Maybe not that interesting but someone might come across one of these.
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  2. martinakl

    martinakl Well-Known Member LRH Team Member

    Nov 27, 2013
    D1FB1E14-C74D-48FA-BB94-1FE7E602F8A2.jpeg C553F7AA-7C4E-42E7-B98D-0F5AA767587B.jpeg 68CD54B8-7FC8-41E1-91D2-5737E1ECD639.jpeg 29DE001C-C6FE-4767-8C09-6B001F8278CB.jpeg 91586888-EB91-4798-AE85-DE4565D7DCDC.jpeg 7F41D812-7849-422A-A32E-A17A8FC64CAD.jpeg D1886B61-9DAB-4C89-9BB8-CA01E1211FBF.jpeg E22B054C-3801-4A73-A702-019A03C16831.jpeg 5A839FAF-8F1E-4FE8-B963-B6C45BD7D6A6.jpeg B670C9DA-149B-4C21-A196-BC21AD913DC7.jpeg
  3. martinakl

    martinakl Well-Known Member LRH Team Member

    Nov 27, 2013
    B61175A1-CC70-413B-A406-0AA25DF3BEA3.jpeg 2FABC450-652E-4EDF-AE40-C791E5CA993F.jpeg 315A4223-9BE8-4245-A66A-A75F27CD4293.jpeg 9BC91169-C6AF-4F68-943B-89FF864EAD0B.jpeg 3F88E217-E8FB-4664-B68B-C1F9A379A66E.jpeg D9C4DFE8-9E2D-4B42-8483-0752BCA0DE30.jpeg 3A8ECE3F-5687-4BB8-BA94-E4DA3946D31A.jpeg C3F5AFBC-B337-4FDE-B7B1-F2B4D7BBCFAE.jpeg 02997B40-011B-45EE-BB66-07619CFD90E1.jpeg
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  4. WeiserBucks

    WeiserBucks Well-Known Member

    Aug 16, 2016
    It's junk , I'll take it off your hands!
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  5. MagnumManiac

    MagnumManiac Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2008
    Adding anything will decrease it’s value.
    You can remove the spacer in the mag box, or buy a 3.6” for the 375 length rifles.
    I don’t recall my boxes having a spacer, maybe I forget.

    If you are keeping it, then bedding the recoil lug properly in those H S Precision stocks is worth the effort. They are a loose fit from the factory.
    I have a couple of those stocks with SS Classic actions in them.

    I saw those in the catalogue, but they were never offered here in Australia, even by special order.

    I honestly don’t see a lot of collector value in that rifle, as a fan of Model 70’s it is something I would like to own, but I wouldn’t pay more than what a second hand Model 70 NIB might be worth. The custom shop guns aren’t really collector items. Sorry.:(

  6. martinakl

    martinakl Well-Known Member LRH Team Member

    Nov 27, 2013
    Thank you. I'd much rather shoot it than anything. Nice to know I'm not going to kick myself for enjoying the rifle.

    I just ordered the larger mag box, without the spacer. I'll give that a try before I get too worked up about having the action machined for the Wyatt's, 3.8" mag box. 3.6" should be enough.
  7. WildRose

    WildRose Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2011
    I'm jealous. I've been shooting a sharpshooter 7mm Stw for about a decade now and love it. I keep think
    I'm jealous. I've been shooting a Sharpshooter in 7mm STW for about a decade now and it's the most deadly, accurate, and reliable rifle I've ever owned.

    I keep thinking I'll pick one of the 300's up at some point but I've never had the extra money laying around when I came across one.

    Load data for any model 70 300wm should work fine for you for starting loads.

    Enjoy the ride and if you get tired of it let me know.