Will Rem 700 triggers fit 721/722 actions?

Don't see any reason why not... I've had a few 722's and 721 built and have had triggers replaced with 700 models. The 722 and 721 triggers are a little flimsy with some two and three piece sandwiching along the line.
I think the saftey is different. A 700 action is cut away to allow the saftey to come up closer to the action. A 721 is completly round back there.
A 721 trigger will work on a 700 but not the other way around. A 721 trigger in a 700 action will have a bigger gap between the saftey and the action.
From the smiths I have talked to, they tell me a 700 trigger is easier to tune.

Jewell makes a nice replacement for the 721 with a bottom saftey. $$$

To answer your question no I don't think a 700 trigger {saftey} will reach around a 721 action.

Hope this helps.

That's correct... the safety is different but I believe they can be swapped out (the safety lever) ... I know for a fact that they don't bend well (the safety) but they do break very nicely. I've had the 721 and 722 action milled to resemble the 700... George at G-A Precision has done this alteration.

Thats what I need to start doing, have the action milled. I have two 721's around here I picked up just for the purpose of building on the action. My cousin is a gunsmith and he does alot of my work. He has suggested many times milling the rear tang. I get impatient and buy a Jewell [bottom saftey] so I don't have to wait for him to blue it.

I remember awhile back trying to switch the safteys, can't remember what happened. Memory's the first to go.

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The safety levers will not interchage. The reason is because the distance from the pivot point and the countersunk hole for the detent ball is different on the two triggers. The distance is longer on the 700 (I think) and that gives you more leverage when moving the safety lever.
Some people w/o milling machines or in a hurry will just file the notch in the tang of the 721/722 receivers and dab it with bottle blue.
I have two 721's with the newer trigger, safety installed. It wasn't much of a job and I did them both my self. A little inletting here and there. I like the larger/higher knob on the safety.
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