Will Rem 700 SS-DM fit Ultramag case?


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Aug 28, 2002
Hi all.

Does anyone know a definitive answer as to whether or not the SS-DM action and detachable magazine will fit the UltraMag cases? I'm interested in rebarreling/chambering to one of the cartridges, or alternatively, the largest case that will fit using .308 or .338 calibre bullets.

Nope, mag is designed for reg. length magnums only. You may want to look at the 300Dakota as an alternative. May have to convert mag. to inline feeding (?).

Good luck...

I tried a .340 weatherby and it wouldn't feed. It was just too long.

The .300 Weatherby worked fine, but I would prefer a standard case. I guess there's always the .300 Winmag....

I'll check on the specs for .300 Dakota.

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