Wifes 2012 bear hunt

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May 8, 2001
On Thursday Sept. 13 we were out with the dogs and chased about a 150 pounder up a tree after about 3 hrs of running. It was 3/4th of the mile off the road through some very nasty swamp. We decided to pass on that one to small and to hard to get out. I had a meeting at noon and stopped hunting for that day.

We couldn't hunt Friday as My wife and I had to take care of my 97 year old mother for the day.

We went out hunting with the hounds again today dropped them about 645am they colded trailed for about 45 min.

The hounds came out to the road and made a lost.

As we were regrouping my wife looks up the road and says theres a bear. I looked up just in time to see it go into the brush.

I called my buddy with the dogs up there and we dumped the dogs on the bears trail off they went. About a half an hr latter it sounded like the dogs had it caught on the ground.

We just headed into the dogs and very thing went quite. We stopped and one of the dogs came up to us and its ear was tore up.

The other dogs came out to the road and a couple of them were beat up needing stiches.

We then got some fresh dogs hauled them into the last area we heard them and cut them lose.

In about 5 min we could tell they were jumped and the chase was back on. We drove to where we thought the we be closest to the chase and started walking to the dogs as they were circleing.

As the wife and I neared the racket we thought they were caught on the ground. Very thick brush visability 20 to 50 feet. After about a half a mile we were with in 50 yards and the dogs just roaring. I telling the wife we are going to have to sneak into it and kill it on th ground.

We then moved in closer and could see the bear up in a ash tree about 25 feet off the ground. I then called every on the radio and told them that it was treed and needed help to catch up the dogs. So we could shoot the bear.

About 10 min later some of the others showed up and we waited tell the rest of the crew arrived. After every body was there we tied the dogs back and I told my wife to shoot it.

Bang the bear dropped about 4 feet into the crotch of the tree butt on one side head and shoulders on the other and hung there about 20 feet up.

I then cut a sapling down and we tried to push the bear out but it was really jamed in there. After trying that for abit.

We had to get a climbing tree stand into it to get up the tree and push and pull the bear out

Then we were able to get a 4 wheeler in and load the bear on that and take it the half a mile out.

Feild dressed the bear weighed in at 214lbs not real big but then we were looking for a nice eater instead of a big trophy.

If some one could post pictures I'll email some to them for posting


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