2012 WA bear


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Feb 6, 2012
spokane wa
i was able to take a bear in WA this year, spot and stalk... or spot and wait.

my girlfriend and i got to a good glassing point at about 3 pm and were just looking and glassing and enjoying the view and around 530 we took a candy bar break from glassing and my girlfriend spotted a bear drpopping into a thick brushy patch. i immediately got set up behind the sendero and got on the brush and waited... then got bored and sat up. just as i sat up the bear popped out and into another brush patch. this happened multiple times through the next hour and a half until finally he went behind a pine tree and i thought for sure hed come right out. i was ready and aimed at the trail coming out from the pine for 10 mins and he never came. i sat up to rest my eyes and glanced down to our right and there he was sidehilling below us. i told the gf and off we went down to intecept him. spotted him crossing about 80-90 yards below us broadside i looked back to make sure the gf was ready and had her earmuffs on.. then back to the bear. i threw the gun up and aimed high shoulder and shot. the bear flopped over and kicked a couple times and was done. we waited 5 minutes before going down to retrieve him. he isnt a very big bear (around 120-130 lb) but i went wanting a color phase and saw the chocolate and had to shoot him! and its very hard to judge bear size in yellow grass...:rolleyes:

the 215 grain berger really laid the boots to this guy. high shoulder shot with small entrance wound and a 4-6 inch exit wound. not much blood shot but just a hole.
thanks for reading.


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Nice job!! Sounds like a great hunt you both will remember. Good Job. Also glad to see some results coming in from the 215 Bergers. Good to know even under 100 yards and in the shoulder it exited.

Thanks for sharing.

I am very pleased with the performance of the 215. I like that better than I have seen with the 210 hunting vld. Haven't had one of those exit and there was more damage than the 210 creates in my experience. Thanks again!
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