Why doesn't anyone talk about 270 Win?


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Feb 26, 2003
Why doesn\'t anyone talk about 270 Win?

I am amazed by this. So far I have seen people talk about 6mm, various 25s, a bunch of 6.5s and 7mm, 30s all over the place, but no 270s.

What is up with this?

Isn't the 270 Win a great long range hunting caliber?
Re: Why doesn\'t anyone talk about 270 Win?

Very few good bullets for the .277 shooters.
Re: Why doesn\'t anyone talk about 270 Win?


I agree, I'd love to see more "good" bullets for the .277. cause I bet I could dream up a real neat Sheep Hunting Rifle for the 270WSM...
Re: Why doesn\'t anyone talk about 270 Win?

Heard some good things about the Scirrocos from Swift in this caliber. Don't have a .270 but the 150 gr 7mm and 180 .30's have worked very well. Perhaps the Nosler/Hornady bonded bullets will add to our selection. I note that Nosler seems to be playing to the LR crowd with their heavier weights.
Re: Why doesn\'t anyone talk about 270 Win?

I agree 100%. My first high power rifle was a 270 win. Have had a bunch of other cals but always went back to the 270. I am on my my third one in 17 years. I have a post on sst bullet aimed at the 270. Seams like there are a few good bullets to chose from. Blistic Tip, Scirroco, MK, SST. For a factory rifle the 270 tops my list.
Re: Why doesn\'t anyone talk about 270 Win?

Your view on "no good bullets" out may change soon. I use 135 grain SMK's right now, what wrong with this bullet? Nosler and hornady are coming out with the accudong (I mean accubond--I had to leave that typo because it sounded so funny!) and interbond, respectively. The 130 grain scirocco is awesome along with the SST. What do you guys want??
Re: Why doesn\'t anyone talk about 270 Win?

What do you guys want??
A .277 bullet with a BC of 7 or better!

IF ya go to www.huntchat.com under rifles, the 270 is being written about. Long versis short action.
Re: Why doesn\'t anyone talk about 270 Win?

I agree.. a bullet with a higher B.C. would be nice.... .496 is as good as it gets right now with the .277 but I have heard good things about the new bullets coming our so we'll see....

Like I said I would love and excuse to build a 270WSM
Re: Why doesn\'t anyone talk about 270 Win?

What does a coyote look like after running into a 338 bullet. A 90g hp out of a 270 win. is a great coyote round. And you can still use the same gun for big game.
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I tried that once a few months back. I told my partner I couldn't stand owning a rifle that had never killed a coyote.

I hit him with a factory 225 grain load at 70 yards, completely removed the heart, literally.

We walked up, looked at him for a minute or two, and for the first time ever, John-Henry pointed out to me that the buzzards need to eat too.

.338 may work well for damage control, but it sucks if you like to save the fur.
I agree with MOA, while calibers have increased dramatically in the last twenty years, and powder selections have filled in obvious gaps in the burning rate spectrum, bullets had not matched the pace.

The real reason the .270 has not created excitement recently is the fact it was designed in the 1930's. Since shooting is basically an application of applied physics and since manufacturers want to sell weapons, creating new calibers to allow us to play with makes the manufacturers ultimately happy. The .270 has been fine from inception, but it hasn't been "new"in 80 years!

New bullets have , at long last, provided the shooter with really finite accuracy and they both expand without blowing up at short range and also expand reliably at really long range, which is the paradigm this forum is based on. Bullets, really, are what sunk the .264 Magnum versus the 7mm mag. They blew up at short range at such very high velocity and those that did not sometime failed to expand at really long range.

Not all "new" bullets are great for hunting. I was told of the extreme accuracy of the Hornady SST's. In my new 6.5 x 284, assembled to benchrest standards, these bullets were the most accurate I ever shot in a hunting rifle. The first prone 100 yard group produced a nice round hole slightly larger than the diameter of the bullet and I was "hooked". I got unhooked when taking a 16"+ Antelope in New Mexico at 300 yards when the core separated from the jacket. I sent the remainder to Hornady and somehow that piece got lost at the Factory. I now use Nosler Accubonds and I am very pleased with the accuracy and expansion allowing easy trailing on White tail deer in forest settings.

So, yes there was a lack of bullet selection for .270's for many years, still a lot of game was taken with these rifles. Nowadays anything you want to do with a .270, you can for all practical purposes with the excellent bullets available. Remember the animals are mammals and have not developed armor plate in 10,000 years. Their lungs and heart will give out when pierced by a modern bullet and they will die!
The highest bc bullet I have seen is the berger. I understand that the wildcat 169ULD is quite abit better in bc. That being said the 150 Berger will work in any standard twist 270 win (1/10) I don't know the specs nor have I actually seen that Wildcat bullet. I do hope to soon though
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