Whoooaahhh-- got a CO Goat permit


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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
Got it in the mail about a week ago. Took a 3/4 X 7/8ths curl CO Bighorn 2 years ago (www.perry-systems.com -- hunter testimonial)-- now this. I'll be using a new Savage Striker handgun in whatever factory WSM they'll send me. The gun will become a custom switch-barrel rig in the factory WSM, and a 17" Broughton barrel in .243 WSSM for LR coyotes later in the year.
Good for you Coyote!!!!! We did not draw our sheep tags,again nor moose. We did get bull tags for 61. And of course deer tags for northwestern Co. If we are lucky we'll get speedgoats and deer for Wy. next month. Good luck on your goat hunt!!
Thks. guys-- Brad will get ahold of u soon for the writeup-- been busy moving into the new house. The area i'll be hunting is right out your way-- G13, between Aspen and Leadville, and so. from there. Got any ideas on which peak/peaks to look over?? Good luck on your hunts too guys.

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Congratulation sscoyote. I killed my billy in 1999 in 13. I helped a fried kill a nice billy there last year, but it lost an inch or more when it tumbled a thousand feet or so. What season did you apply for?

What season will you be in 61? I have a buck tag for third season.
Quiet hunter,

If your goat only lost around 1" of horn and fell 1000 feet consider yourself as VERY blessed!!! Goats horns break extreemly easily. I have known guys that have shot them and rolled over once and broke the horn in 1/2 and some have broke off all together. There was a nonresident alien that came to AK 6 times and paid MAJOR $$$$$ to get a good goat. He shot 6 goats, and he watched 5 goats break their horns and the last one he shot he finnaly got perfect horns.

sscyote, congradulations on your goat permit. My only advice is to hit em good and hit em hard. Goats, unlike wild sheep DO NOT give up as easy. They are very very tough.

I still have yet to see if I am awarded any permits. Applications include Az mule deer (Arizona strip) and Az elk and Ak elk.

PS, congrats on your big horn!! I am a sheepaholic!!

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Thks. all, Hey Q-- i gots to talk to u! Any ideas where to concentrate my scouting efforts? I'll be hunting 9/7-22.

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G13 Hmmm... I think that is the unit I've been applying for. If so, I know an area where I see goats almost every time I hike in. I'll email you.
It was a friend of mine whose goat tumbled. He did not realize the benefits of a big gun and dropping them in their tracks.
With most hunts I have been on, and with my goat we have had good luck if you can shoot them while anyplace but above them. Of course the place they always look for danger is below...
I understand about being a sheep nut. I went through heavy withdrawels last year when I could not accompany anyone on a hunt. Hopefully that will change for this year. Of course I would love to find a way to go after Dalls up in your neck of the woods.

sscoyote - email sent. Hope I don't curb your enthusiasm, but it is to bad you applied for the early season. I think most goat hunters agree the real trophy in a goat is the cape - and the later in the year the better for the cape. Typically I hunt the last few days of the season if possible. Then you may gamble with snow but the capes are beautiful.
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