WHO USES TASCO SS16X42,10X42,20X42?


Sep 1, 2002
Can those of you who have any one of the above scopes, tell me how you like it, how does it perform compared to other brands, etc.,


I've had one of the SS10x42 (rear focus) models for about 4 years now. No problems at all. Tank tough little scope. Had it on a Rem 700 VS in .223 as a coyote/prairie dog rifle, and it got taken in and out of trucks a *lot* during that time (and subsequently bumped, jarred, and dropped). Recently I've had it on my Rem 700 VS in .308 Win, and I've shot some of the smallest groups I've ever shot using that scope.

I've heard less-than-good rumblings about the side-focus model (SS10x42M). IIRC, there is a fellow in Canada who shoots in a competition, either sniper-style or F-Class, and wins pretty consistently w/ a SS16x42, from what I hear.

I recently met two shooters with a pair of rear focus 10x42's on Rem. Senderos in .300 Ultramag and their scopes were working perfectly. They have shot some excellent groups with those boomers and are happy with their choice. I looked through them both, very decent image and pretty bright.
These .300's had muzzlebreaks installed and so far the scopes are working (surviving) real well.
Have a rear focus 10X42 and am very happy with it. The reticle is very clear and the dots are the right distance apart. The turrents are excellent and very repeatable. I removed the top washer under the elevation cap so that the adjustments would not be as mushy. Not going to drag it through rain and mud so that washer serves little purpose.

Just sold a 20X42 because the optics were horrible. Sent it back for repairs and it came back the same. Like looking through a fog. Never could get it focused.

The optics in the 10X are much better. Not as crisp as some more expensive scopes but certainly good enough to shoot accurately at 1550yds.

Another scope to consider is the new Elite 3200 10X. Nice and small/light. Excellent turrents and reticle. Optics are very good for the money (1/2 the cost of the Tasco). Should be durable, as are other Elite scopes. Only downside I have found is that the turrents move more then 1/4" or 1/4MOA. The amount is the same everytime and all adjustments are linear, just more. I have just created a drop chart with the "correct" amount of elevation for this scope and it is working just fine.

Good luck...

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