Who to rebarrel M70?


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Jul 30, 2009
SW Missouri
Who should I send a Winchester Model 70 (post 64) to, to have them rebarrel it to a heavy barrel 7wsm? I looked at ER Shaw, prices aren't bad and SniperCentral did a build with them and seemed to like them. 350 total, barrel, lap lugs and true receiver. Pac-Nor was around 650.
It sorta depends on what your goals are. I wouldn't rate Shaw in the top 10 barrels on the market if you consider consistant performance.
If your going to have a new barrel installed your better off to take it to a reputable gunsmith to have the work done right the first time. Use a top name barrel mfg. such as but not limited to Kreiger, Broughton, Hart, Brux ect. If you want the gun to shoot great your better off spending a little more money to have it done right the first time. Look at some of the sponsors on the site, I would look into having one of them do the work as they are all reputable or they wouldn't be advertising here.

I would reccomend having the action single point blueprinted, normal cost is around $150. The barrel blank normally around $300. A Holland recoil lug $40. To have the barrel chambered and fitted to your action around $200.
Pac-nor did my 7wsm, it came out nicely. They finished right on schedule as quoted with no issues whatsoever. The barrel

The only trouble I had, was re-assembling the barreled action to the stock I had chosen (model 70 classic laminate). I ended up having a local gunsmith inlet and bed the stock for the new contour. The gun shot nicely but the stock didn't quite feel comfortable to me. Last spring the stock cracked between the front action screw & mag box, which I attribute partially to skim bedding instead of pillar bedding (now I know better). To start with, the bedding job was so-so, not like the world class work you see here and on 6mmbr.com.

In June I sent the gun to Joel Russo for a custom laminate; hoping to get it back some time soon. I guess Joel got really popular this year and mine is part of the backlog that piled up...

currently I have a full-up custom tactical build with Jerry Newman, expecting a nice outcome based on a few of his guns I've seen in person.

At least if you get one person to do all the work, you only have one wait...
Hill country Rifles! look them up online. My dad has had him accurize a couple of his rifles and he is very good he has a list of services and prices i would definatley take it to him or someone else with a guarantee. Krieger makes a super nice barrel
First off, where are you located?

Lot of good guys out there and might save you the $60-70 shipping to and fro.

Kevin Cram hit it right as far was what you want done and by a reputable gunsmith.

By the way, he is one of the good gunsmiths around.

Here's my M70 that I had a Pac-Nor Super Match SS barrel put on. It's not finished, so I haven't gotten to put any rounds through it, yet.
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