Whitetail hunting literature


Oct 25, 2003
I wanted to get some tips from the experts... I hunt mainly whitetail and would like to refine my skills and learn more of their habits instead of my bad habits ;-) If you know of some books that give good whitetail background and solid hunting advice please let me know. Thanks in advance.
Check Krause Publications on the net, they publish super books on whitetail behavior and hunting. Len Rue has some of the best, but there are lots available. Also check Len Rue's site,lots of great books and videos on deer.
For what its worth, I've enjoyed reading Greg Miller's series of books. Combination of how-to and entertainment. Lots of advice ranging from actual hunting practices to off-season activities. Covers many terrain types such as farmland and big woods. Seems like his theories on rub lines, staging areas, etc. are very applicable in my hunting area, which is not surprising as he is also in Wisconsin.
Recently I went on a whitetail reading binge to obtain useful hunting tips. One book provided more information than about a dozen others. It is Hunt Trophy Whitetails by David Morris published by Venture Press.
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