which reticle for leupold long range scopes?

Darryl Cassel

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May 7, 2001
Just C

I believe your original question was;
Which reticule for the "Leupold LR"?

My 2 cents for "that scope" would be either the Target dot or the duplex. Both are outstanding and I have used them for years.

I also have the ranging reticules in the Nightforce, R1 and R2, but end up going back to the Dots when shooting past 800 yds or so.
The R1 has ranging to 800 yds. The R2 has 30MOA verticle holdover to work with before going to the clicks to go further then the 30MOA will allow. For the range we shoot, I have to go to the clicks anyway even on the R2.
On some cartridges 30MOA won't get you to 1000 yrds without clicking or having a 500 or 750 yd zero to begin with on the top grid mark.

The "dot and click" to target system seems to be a "much" more accurate system for me at extended range especially when you "MUST" know the range to begin with on either system

If your planning on shooting from only 500 to 800 yards, the Ranging reticles or Mil-dots might work fine for you though.
I don't like seeing alot of lines, ladders, circles and such in my field of view especially at low light.

Nightforce makes a real nice reticule called the NP-2DD which has 2 dots spaced 8MOA apart and has the lighted reticule. In between the dots is a broken verticle line that can be used as a 2 MOA spacing using the top of the line from the top dot, to the middle of the line, to the bottom of the line and then on down to the bottom dot. This might be the one for shooting 100 to 600 or 700 yards with holdover and no clicks too. You still must know your yardage. I have one of those coming to try out and will let you know how it works out.

Just some food for thought concerning your original question and the ranging style scopes.

Been there done that.

Have fun making your decision.


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Feb 26, 2003
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I second Brent's opinion of Exbal. I used it with my XP 6.5-284 Burris 3-12X LER with Ballistic Plex reticle, and it was right on the nose out to 700 yds. (the limit of testing), using the 129 gr. SST bullet @ 2900 f.p.s. Check out my hunter testimonial on his website www.perry-systems.com

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