which reticle for leupold long range scopes?


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Sep 25, 2002
I plan on using the scope for shooting everything from groundhogs to deer. Which reticle would those of you who have them recommend? Keep in mind, a good deal of my shots are at dusk, and the target is against a woodsline, so losing my crosshairs is probable. By this, I mean 8:00pm + in the summer.

regular reticle,...I am looking at getting the LR M1 tact when it finaly gets to the market. I don't think they have the illuminted in the LR tact,..if so, I am all over it.

Boyd , I have used dots during the day, and like them very much. How late have you been able to see the dot?

338-378, how does the small size of the fine crosshair in the center, compare to the dot in the "almost time to go home" minutes of the evening?


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The heavier duplex tapering down to fine will draw your eye to center crosshair. With a dot if ya cant see it your done. If you are attempting to shoot LR in such low light your asking for trouble. If ya cant see your
dot or crosshair you really shouldn't be shootin. MO.
Are you considering a mil-dot as well?

I would get one of these if I couldn't have the R2 reticle, especially considering your situation, I'm often in the same too.

Perry Systems "Exbal" program http://www.perry-systems.com/ works magic with these reticle designs, well worth more than the money it costs, I just got mine in the mail yesterday.

The mil-dot would give you other highly visible reference points to help center the crosshair, not to mention all the other advantages it offers, especially when using Exbal to talor the reticle to your specific load, and at whatever power setting you desire. You don't need the Palm device to use the desktop program and print whatever you need either, the Palm device just gives you a little more latitude in the field is all. Of all the programs I have, this one is the best, this includes Oehlers, Point Blank, Load From A Disk, RSI Lab, and others, all for only $35.00! All the others have their own little features, but the ones that count are in this one, and I've seen almost all of them! It has a HUGE library of bullets, BC's and Factory Ammunition ta boot! It even includes Lost River Ballistics entire inventory as well! Complete copy and paste drop charts, on and on and on... This program is truely a diamond in the rough!

Sorry to go on and on about it here, but I would be glad to have gotten a mil-dot long ago had someone had said these things about this program.

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Thanks Brent, I bookmarked that one. I will be looking at balistic software soon,....when the weather finaly gets right

338-378, I agree about shooting for the act of pulling the trigger. I don't see wounded game or pot shots as an option.
As soon as there done. Hey , Tripod legs are
Done Deal. The whole way. Gotta Love it.
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