Which crossbow to buy?

There are several good crossbows out now.It is hard to beat the Killer Instinct Swat X1.Ravin.Ten point,wicked ridge and excaliber all make good crosbows.Good luck
I especially like the reverse draw design, it increases the length of the power stroke without increasing the size of the crossbow.
I started with a Wicked Ridge about 12yrs ago when crossbows became legal to use in PA w/out being handicapped…I've had 2 wicked ridge and on my 3rd TenPoint…I like to upgrade every few years…Currently using a Shadow NXT for the last 3yrs. I've killed 13 deer with it in that time. I upgraded the scope to a Hawke XB1 and I use the factory Pro Elite 400 bolts and Rage Hypodermic Trypan 100gr broad heads. It hasn't let me down yet.
I do replace the strings and cables routinely. Ten Point has been great as far as any issues or warranty claims I've made over the years.
I am hoping to get a new snow this year with the decock feature. Maintenance is paramount. Keep it clean, keep the rail well lubed and ALWAYS test pre season. I # my bolts when sighting in and then shoot from 20-50yds. There is usually 1 bolt that will not perform as well out of a half dozen. I also do not reuse bolts once they have killed a deer.
Also check your nocks before sight in, they are not always properly glued in.
I had the same bow last year, it was flawless ,I upgraded i 2023 to Ten Points limited run of the Vapor RS 470 which included the scope rails and the Rangemaster 100 scope with the dots and crosshairs ,the package is all I'll ever need ,accuracy and speed is incredible.Best bow ever that I've ever owned.