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  • Jon,
    I have TAC 15i can't get it paper tuned I leveled it all I tried timing changes and just can't get any results consistent enough for tuning. any advice I'm getting desperate and frustrated. The bow had limbs cracked on one side and those were replaced. My local dealer knows nothing about these bows and I need help.

    Jon Nelson
    Hi goodlumem,
    My suggestion is to get a colored Dry Erase Marker as used for writing on Dry Boards in office meeting rooms. Take the colored dry marker and paint the top of the arrow vane that you believe is making contact with the Buss Cable, then go take a couple of shots at your target at 30 or 40 yards.

    If there is any contact between one of your vanes and a part of your crossbow, you should see the color of the Dry Erase Marker on the Buss Cable or wherever the contact is taking place. Then we can sort out wht might be going on to cause the contact problem once we know for sure exactly where and what is taking place.---- Jon
    Hi Jon -- I just bought three Aerobolt II 200's with standard three vane fletching. And yes I have altered my weaver rail. I shot the three arrows and one vane broke on two of the three arrows. I have a drop away arrow rest that I believe works well. I paid to have the arrows spine indexed. I nocked the arrows by eye so the marking on the arrow was at 12 oclock. On all three arrows the white vain was perfectly verticle when drawn back in the bow. On on arrow the yellow vain was damaged on the other the red vain. Of course there is a 30 day gaurantee and no issues sending them back. However I would like to know what is wrong. Doug thinks the vains are hitting the buss cable. Why is it that I am the only one having this problem --- your thoughts and advice greatly appreciated. ---- Paul
    I use a RAM Carbon Arrow Spine Tester to do all my spine testing. The tester comes with a set of good instructions or you can call them on their 800 number if you have any questions.
    In order to test a carbon arrow for its spine, you are placing a provided weight in the center of the arrow shaft as you very slowly rotate the shaft under the measuring gauge. You are looking for the highest reading around the circumference of the shaft, on the meter. The highest reading will indicate the stiffest part of the arrows spine.
    You would then use a white marking pen and place a line or a dot in the center of the arrow shaft exactly where the stiffest part of the spine is located.
    This line is then transferred to the nock end of the arrow shaft and a line or dot is placed in exact alignment with the mark in the arrows center. When you insert your nocks into the arrows shaft, each nock must align its twelve o'clock position with the dot on the arrow shaft.
    Jon, new TAC owner here and Quad on it's way from Len. What procedure and equipment do you use for checking the spine of your TAC arrows and how do you index the knock. Thanks in advance..Dario
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