which 700 based action?


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Oct 28, 2009
Magee, MS
Ok guys I'm just doing research on my next rifle build. Right now the guy that is building this rifle has offered me 2 options. A modded 700 action, I don't remember what he does though, or a stiller action.

little info on what I want to do. I want a great shooting hunting rifle that if I like I can go shoot at the range. I really want a great shooting rifle that shoots awesome for a hunting rifle. I thought about just buying a Sandero and working it up... but after I buy the rifle, throw a break on it, trigger, add a barrel, and some action work I'll have more in it than if I would have went that route in the first place.

Where do stiller actions stand in the realm of aftermarket actions?

Billy will build me anything I want I just want to make sure I'm making the right choices. I can't get on any websites to read anything about this stuff here at work and never have time to look at home.
Stiller makes any excellent product especially for the money. Also the pricing is right if you can pickup it up and do a face to face transaction (dealer pricing). However I am not familar with the other action you mention, thus I can't tell you how the two stack up.
thanks fellas... im pretty sure I'm gunna go w/ a stiller action. I think it will set off the gun I want to build perfectly.
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