Which 1-2p tent for backpacking in alpine environment?

Budget Tent...

Tent... 120.00 (Appy Trails)
A few mods from a tent sewer... 75.00 (stove jack, clothesline loops, guy line loops, #10 zipper)
Stove Jack... 45.00
Stove... Lots but can use for 8 man if needed
Tube of Silicone for seam sealer... 6.00

Still needs a ground cloth but I wont be spending much on that, if anything.

Total-ish... 246.00 + stove. (a guy could make his own stove but this one is a medium Kifaru and was 335.00 or something like that. I got a medium in case I wanted it for a larger tent.

There's a fair amount of room but I wouldn't put more than 2 people + gear in it. We had some high winds the other day with 45 mph gusts and everything held up fine. Backyard gusts are not the same as mountain ridge gusts however. Gotta do something about the tall stove pipe and must get some better stakes. We're getting some rain and snow this week so I'll spend a few nights in it just to kick the tires but it should work fine for a super light back-country 4 season stove tent.


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Now I have landed on the final solution for my 2013 New Zealand Tahr and Chamois expedition:

Bought the Hilleberg Nallo 2GT in stead of the Akto.

My sleeping system is then:

Hilleberg Nallo 2 GT 2750gram
Exped Down Mat 3/4 640gram
Sir Joseph Koteka 850 down bag (800cui) 1250 gram
Total: 4640gram

Not too bad considering what I get? It is suppose to be a solo-hunt, so safety first..
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