Whats the worse rifle or gun you ever bought ? I hsve several tied

Henry sells smoothbore 22s for shot, so that one doesn't surprise me as much as the Fierce story
A lot of the exhibition shooters used smooth bore .22 for their "Aspirin" shooting exhibitions. I have both a Winchester and a Mossberg smoothbore .22 and have shot a lot of "ratshot" through them. I wasn't aware Henry was making a smoothbore rimfire. Thanks for the info.
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Henry sells smoothbore 22s for shot, so that one doesn't surprise me as much as the Fierce story

This wasn't supposed to be a garden gun, just ended up as one.
Bad luck with 2 Win M70's - bad chambers, like split necks after 1 X fired (rifle 1) & tool marks on brass (rifle 2). Possibly Winchester chambered these using a drill press.

Rem 700, riveted finger nail extractor quit after 1 year with easy to extract loads. Stupid design.

Kimber M84 firing pin would not hit primer with enough force to fire & when spring tension was increased firing pin would not touch primer. Fixed with 2 washers over pin & ground down to fit under spring. Bolt operation was rough, no bolt opening camming at bolt handle root. Pencil like barrel that was replaced. Dislike for this rifle grew & grew & a great feeling of relief when it was gone. Another stupid design. Unable to buy longer firing pin spring.

I gifted the Winchesters & Kimber & might get a replacement bolt for the Rem 700 with a M16 type extractor. I have 60 year old Mausers and some newer Ruger M77 MKII that never fail.
I have s kimber m84 in 6.5 cm that won't feed my lapua 155 grain mega tip bullets .It bolts terrible and the safety is almost impossible to put back on .The kimber service center is zero help I wint buy another kimber .I had to rebuild a model 70 stainless with a boss 338 wm it was terrible. I ALSO had a rem 700 416 rem mag guide gun that would not feed at all and yhe floor plate popped open when you shot .I had to rebuild it and let a gunsmith fix it .
I initially say I can work with any firearm. The LORD knows I have repaired and restored some lost causes, but if there was any particular rifle that I do not want to own or even work on ever again, it would be a Remington 742. I've had 4-5 over the years, some better than others, but as a whole they are ridiculously horrible.
I set up new rifles for friends and have shot several models of most brands.

The only current production guns I will not touch are Bergara and Daniel Defense. Quality control is crazy bad in my experience. I've owned them and shot many owned by others. I just learned they are not worth the aggravation!

Ruger M77s are the only older guns I won't waste time on.
I already said winchester 94 AE 357mag, having had a bit time to reflect I have to say yeah, win 94 AE in 357 mag biggest p os I ever owned. It was like the little girl with a curl right in the middle of her forehead, in the nursery rhyme, when she was good she was very, very good but when she was bad she was horrid.
S@w 22 pistol I don't remember what the # was but it had a take down button up front . The barrel had a post and the top strap pick rail had a hook . You push the button and pivot the top off . Well the barrel was screwed to the top strap and after firing it would spread the barrel and the rear hook out and you couldn't get it apart . Sold it for a loss quickly.
An ATI milled receiver ak47. Complete pile of garbage. A buddy was firing it luckily right side when he is left handed bc of a heart issue. It stack a round an went off before bolt was closed. After months of dealing with ATI the sent me another pile before refunding me. They no longer make aks and I will never buy any product from them again
When Colt came out with the stainless Python, I had to have one. Upon arrival and first shooting, I realized the barrel hadn't been tightened enough for the front sight to be vertical. Secondly, the cylinder latch wobbled terribly. Returned it to Colt who agreed to repair it. 6 months later, I sold it to someone who understood the problems but wanted it anyway. Colt fixed it after 9 months.