Whats the cartridge you LOVE to HATE?

Seems like a lot of hate the last couple pages towards the 380. Yes the newer 9’s are close in size but I purchased my 380 LCP years ago when if you wanted small you went 380.. With today’s self defense ammo the 380 is a much better performer.
With a quality 380 you can shoot +P ammo like Buffalo Bore. 100gr bullet at 1200fps and 294 ft/lb of energy....not much different than a standard 9mm. I have both 380 and 9mm but my 380 is easier to conceal.
I have a Creedmoor but I bought it for a “cheap to shoot” target and LR rifle set-up for the local 1000 yard BR range. It’s easier on the shoulder and cheaper to shoot than most of my other options. I personally didn’t buy it to hunt with, I have multiple better options for that.
All things Creedmoor. Compare the ballistics of a 6.5 CM with the 6.5x55 in the same twist rate and you will find the the 140 year old 6.5x55 provides virtually the same performance. The venerable 6mm Rem outruns the 6CM. Not sexy perhaps, but the numbers tell the story.

That said, I do own a 6.5 CM which I enjoy shooting but It absolutely drives me crazy when I hear guys at the range talking about it as though it somehow possesses the ability to defy the force of gravity.
I shoot the 6.5 X 55 and love it. Reaches out and touches but doesn't beat me up.
30-06. I pretty much only shoot old milsurps these days. Tuned up correctly, there is about nothing they can't do.
1) Components are always available, even during the pandemic+protests craziness. With careful lower-pressure loading, and annealing every 4-5th firing, the brass lasts just about forever. Very, very flexible in powders you can use helps with supply shortages. And when all the other projectiles had been absent on store shelves for over a year, a box of .308 something was always there whenever I stopped by.
2) Want to shoot matches? vintage service rifle gets the blood pumping just as much as f-class or anything else, and really teaches you your own limitations as well as that of your equipment.
3) Hunting? you bet ya. nothing like taking a deer with an m1 garand. for people in less forested areas and longer shots...a well tuned 1903a4 clone is very well balanced and practical.
4) It will be a long time before surplus parts dry up, and there are many good references available to keep these old war horses running.
5) the satisfaction when my 100+yr old, well loved, wood-encased, battle worn, rifle outshoots someones high dollar "precision" rig.

Just plain fun, versatile, and practical.
Now shove that 175gr in a short action non-magnum cartridge and tell me how good your ballistics are
You didn't specify short action non magnum before, so now we are just changing the parameters trying to win an argument. What short action non magnum 338 where you referring to? However, I'll bite, but you have to stick with 6.5cm 24" barrel as well.

284 winchester



So it beats the 6.5CM in trajectory and energy.

You are welcome.

Punching paper, 6.52cm’s a great round. Shooting deer within 300yds sure it’ll work fine with a good bullet, but it doesn’t make a great long range hunting round. Bullets have a minimum velocity threshold of where they stop expanding. Commonly around 1800fps. So that means 600 for the 6.5CM or 740ish for the 284. Many have an energy threshold for game animals where they want a minimum energy of 1200ft/lb for certain game or 800 for another. Let’s just look at the 1000. With the 65cm you are at 615 vs 915 for the 284. That’s 300yds more terminal range, even if we change it to 800 it’s still 300yards more terminal range.
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