What scope IOR or Night Force for hunting rig

reed mosser

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Sep 16, 2003
I currently have a 8-32 night force and it the best scope I have ever used. But I have a walk around hunting rifle that needs a bigger scope. The 4-16 just isn't cutting it. i love the night forces but they weigh too much. the Ior 6-24-50 seems like the perfect sized scope for my rifle. The leupold long range scopes also give you a lot of bang for your buck. The most important things I am worried about is clarity and tracking. i have had tracking problems with the older leupolds. are the new leupolds more dependable. As far as the IOR's they look like a good scope but I have never used them. Any info would be appreciated. Reed
The IOR will give you a better image and color retention than the Luepold will. The color retention is fairly important in a hunting scope. It will make it a lot easier to pick game out of the brush. Tracking is normally very good with the IOR's, but a lot of track issues stem from mounts and how well the erector tube is centered in relationship to the bore axis.

the IOR seems like the right scope for me. I need this scope for 1300 yard deer and ground hog scope. I was thinking about the 6-24 with a 35mm tube. The 35mm tube should allow more light in and give it much more adjustiment right? Thanks Reed
Count me in, Jim..sakofan..
Texas Dave, I bought 2 IOR's from a guy that goes by the name of "Q-Optics", here on LRH.

You will not find a better guy to deal with than Jim @ Quality Optics. Iam sure Jim's prices are reasonable, but the reason I deal with him is because of his character and love for our sport. You CANT go wrong dealing with him, as some here on LRH can attest.

Jim can also hook you up on rings and bases as well. Badger Ord, Talley's, ect to name a few..sakofan..
Let us know how it works Reed. I believe IORs are 1st plane reticle scopes.
Wouldn't be worth a **** for varmint hunting if anything like Swarovski 1st planes.
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