What kind of barrel life can I expect from 300UM or UM IMP?


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Sep 25, 2002
I am very particular about cleaning my barrels. With the exception of one time, I have never fired more than 5-10 rnds without thoroughly cleaning any of my barrels. Now, that being said, with this kind of care an maintanance technique, what kind of life could I get out of a nice Hart, Pac-nor, lilja or other high end barrel in 300 UM or UM improved?

What difference if any would there be between the life of either the regular or improved version. I know that the standard UM chambering is only about 200fps slower than the 30-378 wthby, which has not the most barrel life, to say the least.
For my RUM, I am expecting 1500rds of accurate life (sub MOA) using the 240gr MK and H870/wcc872. Out to 2500rds at MOA+ accuracy.

The improved RUM may be slightly lower barrel life. The 30-378 will be about 2/3 the lifespan.

Don't overheat the barrel and clean only when accuracy drops off. This might be several hundred rounds when using top quality match barrels like you have listed.

Only time to clean reg. is if there is a risk of rust if barrel left fouled during storage.

Good luck...

I have 1300+ rounds thru my tomahawk
and am expecting 2000+ before i re-barrel.
i'm shooting a 28 inch hart now and will go to 30 or 32 inch when i re-barrel
what kind of groups are you getting after that many rounds? Any noticable degredation in accuracy at any point? If so, at how many rounds?

This rifle was the first tomahawk and has many fire forming and load development rounds thru it. It shot moa or better from the start and still does. To answer your question from another post---you should have plenty of elevation adjustment mounted in regular rings and bases with a leupold long range on the 280 or the 300 ultra to reach 1000yds easily
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