What do you eat ?

We have our main camp at 8100 feet. The first of deer season I climb with pack to 10,000. I start equipped for a two days hunt. I'm not a big fan of bird food or freeze-dried stuff. For AM I eat some sort of power bars and down some water. I carry jerky, pepperoni, small candy bars and water to get thru the day. For dinner, I packed elk beer sausage and a couple of buns.[ I take some of those little packages of mayo, mustard and catsup that you get at fast food places ] I have a candy bar for dessert.
Oh, I forgot one of the most enjoyable things I pack up that mountain, red wine that I put in a empty water bottle. It smooths out the bumps so I don't need to carry up an air mattress.
Good Luck

My kind of hunter!!!!!!

Plus I normally get a fishing and small game license and carry the line and hooks + a small pistol
for hares and anything else that is eatable and legal. And just in case the fish ain't biting and
I have poor luck with the pistol I carry beef jerky.

I like to live of the land if possible.

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