What do you use for rear support?

50/50 mix of dry red beans and rice in a zip lock then stuffed in a black army issue boot sock.

Drop it in, swing the sock while hanging on to the end of the tube in a big arc so the zip lock goes to the toe. Spin the sock a couple of times to lock the zip lock in the toe of the sock. Stuff the "ball" back into the sock. Keep doing this until you don't have any sock left to stuff the "ball" back into. You can make the sand sock as tite or loose as you want depending on how hard you swing it the first time.

Works great, and in a pinch I can open up the sock and eat the rice without having to cut it apart.
all very good ideas. I like using a smaller leather rear bag or sock filled with rice. I also have a plastic bead filled beanbag. the beanbag is very light and has a small molle hook that connects to the rifle sling so its accessable whenever needed. works pretty good on the bench as well. not the most sturdy for precision bench work but dependable both there and during a hunt
Last fall I started using a new bag. I had this concept in mind for years but never found a bag with these specific features I liked until I learned of Darrell's. Now Darrell has found a different source (USA made) and he and I arranged that the new ones (around 2/28/10) that I buy from him will have my own LRH logo on them.

What I like is:

  1. Very lightweight, well under a pound
  2. Very firm fill, bag itself has square corners like a rectangular box
  3. Small dimensions, fits in a coat pocket
  4. When turned on its various stiff, well defined sides the dimension choices are 2", 3" or 4"
  5. Comes with a belt clip

My years-long search for a bag for my personal use is over.

Here is the new LRH Field Bag at the LRH GearShop
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most of the time i use my recliner for rear support:D...... oh you ment for a rifle. I have a couple of different ones i use. I have sandbags but they are not good for packing around too heavy, i have a set of bags that i bought from wally world they are pretty good and not too heavy. My most recent thing that i use is a sewn up bag and stuffed it with socks. Very light weight and conforms to the stock and can be puffed up or flattened out as needed.
Hi Lucasgreff,

I use the following:


Seems to work a treat, I like the feel and its fairly 'firm' - Wilderness Tactical, Giles Slimline Accubag. Very nice quality construction too!


Right now I use a plain old GI issue sock filled with sand. What I do like it that combined w/ the bipod it is a rock solid shooting platform for prairie dogging and deer hunting. What I don't like it that it weighs 2 lbs and sand is messy. What kind of things are you guys using for field rear supports. ASide from a balled up fist? I was thinking simple plastic beads would cut weight but would I still get the stability?
Any help is appreciated,
I like the Holland bag, and use it frequently. The advantage to it is that it has 3 sides that allow for quick elevation adjustment. The other good thing about it is that i can carry it in a BDU-style leg pocket comfortably--it's just small enough. I walk miles in prairie country hunting coyotes in the winter, but never carry a pack. I need the most efficent system of portablility i can come up with, and i think i have it now--lots of pockets is the secret to it, IMO. I can kill a coyote miles from the truck and haul it to the closest fence post, skin it and continue hunting and not get thirsty either. The key to developing a good system is comfort. If u get back to your vehicle after hunting the required time u need to and be thristy or uncomfortable (not tired), you're doing it right.
+1 for the Outdoorsmans Longrange Rear Rifle Support.

The Outdoorsmans Tripod is a great system and since I assume you're already carrying a tripod, you may as well capitalize on its stability!
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