What Camcorder for past 1000 yards


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Feb 3, 2007
Townsend, Montana.
I need to up grade my camcorder. Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced unit for recording at distances past 1000 yards?

Also, what is best/easiest for turning your footage into youtubes?

I see Panasonic has a few units for around $300 with an optical zoom of 70X and a digital zoom of 3500X are these ok ?

Thanks in advance for any input or xperience you have to offer.

digital zoom is a wast of time

for that far we use a good hd cam and a good had spoting scope

10x cam with a 20x spoting scope = 200 power

only way to go

as with shooting that far ,filming that far is pricey
I use a Sony HDR-UX10. It was the lowest priced Sony with the Ziess Vario Sonnar lens. For long range videos I use a Sony 1.7X doubler on it.

Here is a video with the doubler on of a coyote at 1597 yards. He is right above the dark green on the left hand side and runs off the screen going left as soon as he hears me say I am going to shoot him. :D I saw this coyote nearly everyday and I never ever managed to get him ranged and the camera on him and a shot fired before he ran. I was using a Swaro on a tripod to range him out . Actually, I range the dark green cut bank and then add a few yards. Trying to video your shots when you hunt alone will cost you a lot of time and you will lose a lot of opportunities.


You will need to get the video to expand up to full screen inorder to be able to see him.
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digital zoom is a wast of time

for that far we use a good hd cam and a good had spoting scope

10x cam with a 20x spoting scope = 200 power

only way to go

as with shooting that far ,filming that far is pricey

In the 1000 yard gopher shot we actually used two camcorders, one like you suggested on a spotter and another with out to get the effect of the distance as we panned in and out.

YouTube - 1000 gopher.wmv

On this one of a speed goat at 820 yards we were just using my sons little sony with a 20x optical, you are correct when we exceed the distance of the optical and go into digital zoom things get blury fast.


What I am wondering is how much better would one of the newer cameras be that now offer 60 or 70X optical zoom?


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ive got a cannon Vixia HV its only 10x power put top pic

ive all so got an cannon xl1 but the price on big lens its way to much like $20000+ for a 800mm

for 20 k you can buy the
Vixia HV a top spoting scope good tri pod and pay for a lot of hunting time

No no ,, read the original post, amature video. Not going for an oscar here.:D

around $300

Has anyone tried the newer 60 0r 70X opical zooms?

What is easier to youtube, the ones that take the small cd or the hard drive version?

I have a small budget for this. I spend all my money on LR rifles , scopes, and reloading.

Hey Jeff,

Like you, I have been researching this as well. Panasonic makes a 70x optical zoom and is right at $300. It is a nice little camera but I opted for a Sony instead.

The Sony is a Handyman Cam 60X Optical Zoom, 8GB up to 6 hours recording (3mbps) Zeiss Optics, uses memory sticks and has still photo option. Sony just came out with this unit this year, Model# DCR-SX41.

It is priced right at $299.00 here in Denver. You might find it cheaper online.

I have used this unit 3 times now and twice in very cold conditions and it worked everytime.

Just another option for ya :cool:

I have some footage out past 1k but not really zoomed in. I will be out as soon as it warms up here. I will shoot you an e-mail when I get it done.
Did anyone ever figure out what a good video camera is for long range shooting? I'm looking for something in the $300- $500 range that will have a good clear picture out to 1,000 yds. Any ideas?
Wouldnt you be best off with digi scoping setup? So clamp a digital cam infront of your spotting scope eyepiece... alot of the spotting scopes you can buy video digi scoping kits for them now to hold the camera- the little cannon pocket still camera i have takes great HD video aswell, and its tiny to carry around...

YouTube - Digiscoping Made Easy

do you already have a spotting scope? already have a camera? or...?

For super long range stuff, you really need the good quality lenses and hence the spotting scope... i doubt any of those little camcorders are gonna be upto it with their standard little lenses, regardless of their zoom range ... There is shitloads of youtube stuff where you can see the results of digiscoping, just search "digi scoping" in you tube... great quality... and the full vortex skyline spotter including digi scope mounting kit goes for about $500...
If you want a good HD camera within a decent price range. Check on the Kodak Zi8. I have that one and it does beautifully. You can change between 1080p, 720p 60FPS, 720p 30FPS, and SD videos. It even has 5.1MP stills, but I don't use that. The best thing about it is the external mic jack, which allows you to use a better microphone, which Flip cameras do not have. As well as an SD card slot, which allows countless hours of recording.
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