What about our eyes????


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Jan 20, 2004
Blackfoot, Idaho
I used to have old eyes. Now with the magic of lens implants I have new eyes. These have taken a bit of getting used to.

After several several weeks of thinking I had the eyes of an eagle I finally got to do some shooting, yesterday.

My left eye came out very nearly perfect as there were no astigmatisms (hey, I spelled that correctly the first time:rolleyes:). The right eye is a bit behind the left and probably could use some correction even for distance.

I set up the targets at 200 yds and set up the shooting mat, etc. It then became time to adjust the scope. (Ziess conquest 6.5-20x50). Temps were around 40*. Wind was from the right @ 10 mph, variable with gusts to 14. Very light snow was horizontal as were the surveyor tape wind flags. Partly cloudy.

Mirage was very evident. Not quite sure why as the ground was frozen and air temp was 40 and between clouds it was very bright.

I had a hard time setting the scope to get a good focus. I've had that problem since I got the scope. It focuses very well at all distances but at my 200 yd backstop which is in the shade, it just isn't very good.

I then set up my spotter. Nikon XL-II. I'm right handed and my right eye was the best before the operation so I used my right eye. Same problem as with the zeiss.

I switched to the left eye on the spotter. WaaLaa, perfect focus. The scope picture was just like it was several years ago when the scope was new.


  • When evaluating a rifle scope make sure your eyes are good. This must be why the phrase "with my eyes" is so often included in the evaluation.
  • Maybe this is why a given scope will look good to one person and crap to another.
  • I'm happy I make my stocks to shoot from either side.
  • Now I know why others have out spotted me when glassing for game. I happened again the other day when the other fella said 'there are 6 pheasants' and I never did see them with out binos.
I'd better make sure and Mc A-5 is ambidextrous (had to spell check that one:))

I also recall looking through an NXS and thought it was pretty poor compared to my Ziess. I then asked the shooter if I could adjust the NXS for my eye sight. WOW, I ordered an NXS for the next build.

Without that personal adjustment it may well be that an even playing field comparison can be made between different scopes.




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Apr 5, 2008
Central ND
Roy glad to hear it went well. My brother had surgery also and he told me they can tune it up a bit. Anyway back to the point you made about comparing scopes. One other thing some might not know is the distance the lens is from you eye constitutes the magnification. I where a -5.75 for contacts and a -6.25 for glasses. Yeah I am blind, as soon as I get enough guts I will go and get it done also.


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Jul 15, 2007
Lansing, MI
I can somewhat second that. Ever year I get a eye exam, and if my prescription changes I make sure to re-set the ocular lense. Not sure how much of a difference it makes, but it's piece of mind at least.

J E Custom

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Jul 29, 2004

Be sure not to shoot those cannons you have for a little while and let your eyes heal up
real good.

I know you have some rifles that won't spin you around every time you shoot so use them
for as long as you can and protect the new peepers as long as you can stand it.



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