Apr 29, 2020
Mills River, NC
Hello all!

I'm new to the forum but I am really in a predicament; I'm in the market for my next weatherby but I'm having a hard time deciding between two rifles. I'm comparing the Weatherby Weathermark Bronze to the Vanguard Accuguard; while the Weathermark is slightly more expensive they are still both in the Same relative price range I just want to get the one that best fits my needs. I'll be getting either rifle chambered in 6.5-300 WBY and using the rifle primarily for hunting when I'm on tracts of property with longer range shooting (I currently have a winchester 70 EW that I'll be continuing to use for "closer shooting") out past 300 yards. Does anyone have any experience with accuracy and shoot-ability? I really like the Weathermark but I can't seem to find any reviews on accuracy and the Accuguard apparently has stand-out accuracy compared to all lines of Weatherby.
Are you comparing rifles with 26 inch barrels, and a brake if that's what you wish?

The Vanguard has a long history of great accuracy, but with the new hand-lapped barrels on the Mark V I would choose that one. When I visited Weatherby in September I looked at several models that were on display. The Weathermark, and specifically LT, is a great model.

In addition the shorter bolt throw on a Mark V is very nice. They also now come with the new Triggertech Trigger, so you'd have to spend extra $ on the Vanguard to get the same.

If you haven't handled them both, I would recommend doing that if at all possible.
I had the same dilemma. I am a Mark V guy, but had heard and read a lot about the accuracy and features of the Accuguard and Back County Vangaurds. I got the Vangaurd in .240 and can't say I was disappointed. Accuracy was sub MOA with several bullets to 300 yards. Still I just wasn't overly impressed either. The 2 stage trigger was not really my favorite and that particular barrel was a little rough. For close to the same money I got a Weathermark with a trigger that is decent, a barrel that broke in quicker and that smooth 54 degree action. I think you would be happy with either. Happier with the Weathermark.
I love my basic vanguard series 1. Plain box stock with good loads it was under MOA. With a timney trigger and Berger VLD it shot under .75 confirmed to 500 yards. It was a 257 weatherby, but the barrel is toasted now.

It is going to be rebuilt as a 257 weatherby again and I pray it shoots at least as good as it did originally.

Vanguards are accurate in my experience. Get the one you like best.
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Awesome, I appreciate the in-depth replies! I will be looking for a 26 inch barrel for the rifle. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a shop around where I live that has the Weathermark on the shelf for me to check out, although I am leaning heavily towards that model. Although I have no complaints about any of my Vanguards, I really like the look and specs of the Weathermark Bronze. I just want to be sure that I pick the rifle that is best for my needs.
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