weatherby 6.5-300

  1. M

    Weatherby Weathermark or Vanguard Accuguard

    Hello all! I’m new to the forum but I am really in a predicament; I’m in the market for my next weatherby but I’m having a hard time deciding between two rifles. I’m comparing the Weatherby Weathermark Bronze to the Vanguard Accuguard; while the Weathermark is slightly more expensive they are...
  2. Andrew Massi

    6.5-300 weatherby pacnor barrel

    This rifle started life as a weather mark, last year I sent to pacnor for a new tube. Will include the OEM barrel that still has lots of life(88 rounds). Rifle weighs about 7#12oz. Lighter than an accumark/sendero if familiar. For weatherby fans, this is the new stock. Ordered the new barrel for...

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