water canteen for hunting

Nalgene for me. I have used Gatorade bottles and similar also.
I had a bladder leak in my pack and soak everything. I think if you use and EXO pack, they have waterproof bladder pockets to avoid the issue.
Baboom.......someone's thinking and experienced:)

Side note, I like Nalgene as they're tough but heavy. Can be easier to take a case of h20 to camp and toss in 3 or 4 20 ounce bottles a day and yet less over all weight to carry.

Bladders can be nice, but if the line freezes you're hosed..............get it

Platypus bags can be ok, a lot like bladders but line to freeze up
I use bring 1 nalgene as one of my "comfort items." So, both backpack hunting and sectional hiking.
Since I use a sawyer squeeze, I filter water into the nalgene using a smart water bottle which the sawyer threads on to, and then fill up the smart water and put it in the other water pocket.

With a friend and hunting only, I've found the bringing a sawyer 1 gallon bag and gravity filtering it if a camp is established, for a night or two.

About the only time I load up on water or do hydration bladders is in the low desert during archery, when the only water source is guzzlers.
Dang that thing is beast! Where on earth are you toting that while backpacking?
They make a 64oz too. It will keep water cold for at least a day. We were in Hawaii when I was hauling them two actually and extra water bottles we were hiking near the volcanos and in the lava fields so it was rather warm
I used bladders for a while, but they're a pain to refill. I try to carry as little water as possible and refill throughout the day to keep my pack weight down. Smart water bottles work great. They're light, durable, and cheap. I buy the 1l ones and get flip top lids from Cnoc, but you can also get smaller ones that come with flip lids. If you're looking for something that you can fill in the morning and not worry about refilling a 3l bladder will probably work well for you.

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