Warne rings???

Adam Williams

Oct 9, 2001
southern Missouri
I'm thinking of buying a set of Warne Maxima TPA rings. My question is, will they fit Niteforce bases? On to my next question. I have a 4.5x14x40 Leupold that I sent back to the factory to have target turrets installed.

I'm planning on mounting this scope in the Warne rings mentioned above and a 20 m.o.a. Niteforce base. Will I have enough adjustment to reach 1000 yards. The gun will be a 7 WSM and 162gr A-Max pushed 2900-3000fps. Sorry for the silly questions! I'm new to this game.

You should EASILY get to 1K with that scope, with or without the 20 moa base. The 4x14x40 has 67 MOA internal elevation with windage centered.

Without knowing the BC of the 168 AMAX, I'd figure it at about .58, so at 2900 fps you're looking at about 27.5moa up for you're 1K zero. So, if you zero on center you'll have 33 moa up available.

I have no idea if the Warne rings will fit, but my guess is they will. Most good rings will fit the picatinny standard bases. BUT,, I'd call Warne and make sure before I dropped any cash.


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They WILL fit the NF Bases===I have 4 sets of that exact setup--It is the best combo for the money, IMHO.
You will have plenty of elevation fot 1000-even w/o the bases, but they make it nice You will have almost all of your internal windage adj. at 1000 yds with the combination you mentioned.
EXCELLENT!!! Thanks guys. I love this place.

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