Talley ---Warne rings and bases


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Feb 8, 2004
West Tennessee
Gonna put the goods on this one . I want the best within reason
7mm/300 Win Mag #5 Kreiger
What rings and bases would yall recomend?
Talley ? Warne?
May can get my hands on some Buehlers
What do ya think?
Steve, I like Talley's. But, I love Conetrols!!

Both are great hunting scope rings. I have seen, but never used Warne...sakofan....
Warne rings are crap, wont return to zero. leupold quick release weaver are slightly better (they are made for leupold by warne but are horizontaly split as apposed to verticaly). the vest or the bset is Badger Ordnance. mounting solutions rings and bases are pretty good too, burris zee rings are reliable. EAW swing offs are unreliable with large heavey scopes. you cant beat a 1 piece picatinny and a good set or rings.. Pete
I had zero problems returning to zero with Warne Quick release rings. I thought they were amazing considering they went right back to zero at 1000yds!!!
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