Vortex Viper Pst on large caliber


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Aug 20, 2012
Does any one have any expeience with the Vortex Viper PST on a large caliber rifle? I will be putting it on my Savage 110 FCP Lapua with AAD rings.
i have a viper hs on a 300 wby if that helps you. I only have 300ish rds threw that setup, but ive had no issues to date
I have a 6-24 PST on a 300 RUM. Was worried about a week ago when my gun started shooting all over the place, thought it was the scope. Turned out it needed a bedding job and all is well. Shot it out to 700 yards yesterday and it tracked perfect.
Does any one have any expeience with the Vortex Viper PST on a large caliber rifle? I will be putting it on my Savage 110 FCP Lapua with AAD rings.

Same brand (Vortex Viper PST) and same rifle almost (Savage 11 LRH/.338).

No issues. I have mine in Warne Steel rings, lapped of course. Tracks flawlessly.
I have the 5-15x44 with a 30mm tube Vortex Viper HS made for Midway on my 300 Ultra Mag. without a brake shooting max load 211 grain custom bullets 95 grains of Retumbo with "NO issues" at all after around 500 rounds and I will be leaving tomorrow for my Elk hunt in Montana with this setup! The scope is in Warne steel rings and the rifle weighs 71/2lbs. loaded ! I think that the Vortex line is a good line of scopes that will stand up to quite a bit of punishment at an affordable price and with their version of zero stop & grest glass what more could one ask for when compared to other scopes costing 3-6 times more?
IMO. good rings are a must on a heavy recoiling rifle, why I went to Warne steel Maxima's, again just my opinion. They work very well in my application.
I agree with sidecarflip on having heavy duty rings for hvy mag. calibers are the way to go! I would say for a hunting platform a good set of dual dove tail rings and bases or the Warne Stell rings and bases are all that is needed and if the platform is going to be for military/hvy useage then your other choices are many so it's up to personal preferance.
The only detraction that I can see in the Warne Maxima Steel ring sets is the difficulty in lapping for concentricity, contact area and alignment because they are vertically split. Horizontally spit rings sets are easy to lap and align because the lower ring section is actually a cradle for the lapping/alignment bar whereas the Warne vertical split presents no cradle.

They are still capable of being lapped and aligned but the procedure is different.
Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Makes me feel better about the setup. Here are the rings I will be using....


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I have the 6X24 PST on my Savage 110 FCP and have about 200 rounds down the tube with no issues or movement at all. I am using the burris Xtreme tactical rings, and everything is rock solid.
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