Vortex PST Turret unscrewed

Real D

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Apr 14, 2011
So i just bought a used pst 6-24ff mrad scope and was out in the field testing it out. I was dialing in and shooting at 650 yards, all was well untill i tried to dial in for a milk jug at about 990 yards. As i was dialing up the turret stopped clicking and just spun. I stopped and dialed back down and got clicks again so i attempted to dial up again and same thing the turret just spun. So i took the cap off and the main part of the turret was unscrewing from the scope. I threaded it on as tight as i could with my fingers and put the cap back on. Zeroed the gun back in and was able to dial up as far as i needed. Has this happened to anyone else out there or is it just me. I tried calling vortex but no one answered so i left a message. I dont want this to happen again especially if im about to shoot at game, that would suck.

Any input would be helpful, I am not tryin to slam vortex or anything i think they make some real nice product.

Thanks for your time


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Apr 22, 2012
My PST does not act like that so maybe there is an issue with yours. Not to worry though, their warranty and customer service is awesome so I am sure they will take care of it for you. I am sure they will call back, most of them were at SHOT show last week so their office was probably a little light on staff.

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