Vortex Customer Service


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Apr 26, 2010
I had a new Vortex Viper 6-24PST, bought it about a month ago and Sunday night while installing the shims in it grease was blown down into the scope by air pressure from putting the turret back on the scope. Not sure how but it did. Anyway when I looked through my scope there were two dot's of grease inside the scope at about 10 O clock so I looked at the lenses and realized it was inside the scope itself so I called Vortex Optics and told them about it and informed them that deer hunting opens Wednesday and what could they do to help me out. THey put me on hold for a few seconds then got back with me. They said if I will give them my credit card # that they would not charge me for a new scope as long as they receive mine in a timely manner. They emailed me a shipping label to send mine to them and over nighted me a new one through FedEx that just got to my house 20min. They payed shipping both ways and got it to me on time to go sight my gun back in in time for opening rifle season. NOW THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE IF YOU ASK ME! O YA and they had it on a truck in less then an hour in a half from when I spoke to them. I sent mine within an hour to them.
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