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    Aug 19, 2001
    I've owned a pair of Nikon Monarch 8X42's for a few years, and have been pleased with them. This October, while bow hunting, I looked down to see that the left eyepiece had fallen off while walking in thick woods. Despite diligent searching, no eyepiece could be found. I sent them, plus a $10.00 check, directly to Nikon in California. On Nikon's website, they talk about their $10.00 "No questions asked" repair policy. Two months later, I still didn't have either repaired binos or a replacement. I discovered that the secret to good customer service at Nikon is to get a contact's name there, and use them as your champion. "Maya" always reponded to my e-mails within one day, and within a couple of weeks, I received a new pair of Monarch 10X42's that are a significant improvement over the old pair. The old adage "better late than never" applies in dealing with Nikon.