VLD's and bullet jump

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Dec 26, 2001
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VLD\'s and bullet jump

I have been loading 80gr VLD's (moly) in my 22-243AI, loaded .005"-.010" into the rifling. So far, various powders have produced groups just under 1" @ 200yds, but not better.
Has anyone experienced an accuracy IMPROVEMENT by loading VLD bullets away from the rifling?
Re: VLD\'s and bullet jump

Hello VH

Yes, sometimes (not often) backing the bullet off the lands will produce some good groups.

Some of the 30 Cals at Williamsport (1000 yard matches) have shot better at .050" off the lands. Most however, will shoot best at .010" off or into the lands with a soft touch.

Try different seating depths and loads before you get to discouraged.

I have found from past experience that, possibly that is the best accuracy your barrel will give you? I hope that's not the case here?
If it's a good barrel, it will normally (not always) shoot real good right from the start.

Keep working with it and make sure all the copper is out of the barrel. Sweets and JB will take it out. If your using Moly, forget I said anything here because I don't use the stuff in any of my rifles, and won't own a rifle that has had moly shot in it. The sweets and JB won't help. I am not starting a moly debate here, You either like it or hate it. You know where I stand.
If in fact you are using moly, clean your rifle "real" good and see if that makes a difference.

Slow your loads down abit and see if that makes a change in the accuracy.
Remember, "excessive" Speed gives poor groups and "kills" the accuracy potential.

Darryl Cassel

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Re: VLD\'s and bullet jump

Both calibers that I have tried seating VLD bullets with a bit of freebore shoot considerably worse than crushing the bullet into the land.
One is a 22-250 Ack. Imp. 1-8 twist barrel. Wiht the 80 grain Berger VLD's the rifle was shooting about the same as the Sierra 77 grain Matchkings at 500 yards (1 moa). As soon as I seated the VLD's to crush into the lands, accuracy improved quite a bit. Depending on conditions and my skill level that particular day, 3 shot groups are running less than half the size of the Matchking groups. Several times I tried shooting a quick 3 shot group with Matchkings, let the barrel cool off, then shoot a 3 shot group with the VLD's. The VLD's always shot considerably smaller groups. Even when I mixed up the ammunition and shot them as a single 6 shot group. The VLD's shoot about 2 MOA higher than the Matchkings at 500 yards, so the test is a valid one because there were 2 separate groups on the target backing to compare.
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