Velocity in 243Win from 87 vmax and H414?


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Oct 7, 2003
Lizton, IN
I'm working up a load for the 87gr V-Max in a standard 243Win (Savage Model 11) using H414 and CCI400 primers. While it was too dark for my chrono to work right I did run a series of loads to test for pressure, 43.5gr to 45.1gr in .2gr increments. While the chrono was throwing errors I did get a single reading of 3266 fps at 44.5gr, though I don't know if I trust it with all the errors.

Pressure seemed fine on all loads, bolt was starting to turn a little harder toward the top but not yet sticky, absolutely no extractor mark and no signs on the primer either.

As a guideline, what is the typical velocity range I can aim for with this bullet? I've seen posts of people shooting loads from 3000 fps all the way to 3300 fps.

For now, I loaded up three shells each at 44.5, 44.7, 44.9, 45.1, and 45.3gr to shoot for groups but am waiting for a weekend so I can shoot when I have enough light to get reliable velocity readings.
Good choice on powder, H414 seems to be perfect for a .243 Win, I actually use it in my .243 Win, .243 AI and my .223 WSSM.

While I don't shoot 87g V-Max bullets out of my .243 Win, I do shoot 75g Sierra Hollow Points. I'm getting just about 3500fps out of a Remington 700 VLS 26" bull bbl and 46g of H414 with a CCI250 Magnum primer. This is a very accurate load out of my rifle and will shoot 1 hole groups all day. Mind you that the longer bbl certainly helps with the Velocity.

I'd say that You're right there with the velocitys you should be getting with that combo. If the accuracy is there, you're Golden!

Ditto H414 (aka WW760). I use it in 22-243, 22-250 AI, 220 Rocket, 243 AI...and any other application requiring a ball powder with a burning rate like 4350.

It meters like water and delivers top velocities and fine accuracy, but it tends to be temperature sensitive (a warm load in a cool environment can be way hot in a warm one).
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