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Apr 24, 2004
Help me build a rifle... I've got a dealer who will trade me on some of my shotguns for a rifle and I'm curious as to what the best gun for the money is out there right now; I've not kept up on rifles much over the last few years. I'll be shooting mostly targets, some coyotes and varmints, and maybe deer (not much of a deer hunter, sorry guys, prefer quail). In my state (OK), .22 caliber is legal for deer with 55 gr. bullet so factor that into the equation. I also don't want an "off" brand rifle with no resale value. Don't know much about scopes, either, as I've always just put on a Leupold or Redfield for what I needed.
243 or a 6mm rem....

great varmint getter and can handle the whitetails too!


Leupold VX3 withthe varmint sret. or the Burris blackdiamond.. get at least 15X

just my .02

I would suggest savages. or Winchester Coyote in 223 WSSM or 243 WSSM $600 or under.

the 12BVSS in 243 would be good gun. ($550-600 max if that.

Cheap, very accurate, can change barrels yourself to another caliber if you want for $250.

Good 4-14 or 6-18x scope. Sightron, Bausch and lomb, Leupold etc. Suggest good used if you can find on ebay etc.


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I would second the suggestion of a .243 caliber and a 4.5-14 scope. Along with the usual good RemWinSav rifles, you might consider a Tikka, comparably priced and reputed to be very accurate as well, or a light weight Kimber. I compared Leupold and Zeiss scopes side by side today, in this same power range. I felt the Zeiss was noticeably brighter and sharper, and will be putting one on the Kimber Montana .243 I have ordered for the same purpose you have outlined.

This was a question I thought about a lot when I was looking for an all round rifle. Because I wanted to do some long range varmint shooting, primarily coyotes and wolves, I opted for a heavy barrelled rifle, but since man does not live by varmint hides alone, I also wanted a calibre capable of taking deer, elk and moose at shorter ranges.

In the end I bought a Remington Sendero in .270Win and mounted it with a Leupold Vari.X III 4.5-14X40 scope. It is a heavy rifle but I do shoot 1/4" groups at 100 yards with it and it is deadly. We have a lot of gophers here in Alberta and the ranchers are desperate to exterminate those pesky critters. Anyway the Sendero does a nice job on gophers out 200+ yards.

I'll admit that a .270Win might be a bit much for gophers, but it's fine for coyote, wolf and deer. I've been told that it's possibly a little light for elk and moose but as far as I know, lot's of elk and moose have fallen for a .270 so with proper ammunition, I'm hoping to fill my moose tag this fall.

From the response of the other gentlemen and for the type of shooting that you would be doing, you can't go wrong with a .243, although I would also suggest looking at a .22-250.

Which ever way you decide, if you want to do some target and varmint shooting get yourself a heavy barreled rifle in the calibre of your choice.

Let us know what you're getting.

Cheers and Good Luck,
Rubber Ducky

p.s. For some reason, Remington has discontinued the Sendero in .270Win. Nevertheless it is a fabulous rifle and it's still my favourite (only) rifle.
I will agree with just about everyone here. all have made good suggestions. so I thought long and hard about writing this. I own several of the calibers stated. 223 WSSM, 25-06, 270 Win, and have owned but got rid of a 243 Win.
for my money, I would get two rifles. but since this is a one rifle for all that needs to be done.... I would have to pick the Winchester M-70 Super Coyote, heavy Barrel, 223 WSSM with a 1:12 twist barrel and the B&C composite stock. topped off with a Zeiss, Leupold VX-3, or Burris Black Diamond scope, 4-16 or 6-24 power range. I would go further and get a DE or Holland QD muzzle brake on it. and get at least two bi-pods for it. one laying down.. 6-9, 7-13" range, and one sitting, 15 -27" for long shots. this will keep you from missing as much as you might if you free handed it. I would also get a sling to carry it or help your aim if you have to take a standing shot in the woods. I know my 1885 browning has never let me down with iron sights but that is just me, I am a die hard iron sight guy when it comes to deer sized or larger game. I leave the scopes for varmints and targets.
other good choices would be Savage arms, they have model 12's and 112's that will knock you socks off with accuracy. calibers would be 22-250, 243, 25-06, and 270.
Remington 700 SPS or BDL, VSSF, calibers 22-250, 243/6MM, 25-06, 270 win.

the varmint caliber I like is the 17 Rem, closely followed up by the 17 Mach4/17fireball. these calibers are tack driving machines if you even get close to a load they love.. My 17 Rem VS loves 25 grain V-max with Rem 7-1/2 primers and 26.5 grains of H-414. one ragged hole at 100 yards.. less than 1/4" holes at 200 yards.

happy shootinggun)
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