uso or nf

You are right on the money regarding other ways to get MOA's - however, as with all things in life, they have their pro's and cons. Cistom MOA built bases are available and are reasonably priced, however the scope you then put on it might not have enough downward elevation to give you a 100 yd zero - this might not be a problem for some folks, particularly if its on a rifle for long range paper punching. Personally, I want the ability to zero at 100.

Adjsutable rings are another way to go, and offer more flexibility that a fixed MOA mount. Most rings just don't offer enough MOA's compare to the SN9 system.

Other limitations are the glass you use on that variable MOA mount - I am not flaming here but Leupold glass doesn't cut it at this application, for my eyes anyway. USO, S&B, NSX glass provides a better picture for my pupils - YMMV.

So, once you start adding up the costs of adjustable bases (haven't seen USO, but the ones I have seen for Loopy's were $1K) plus glass - well that's the price of an SN9.

If you don't need a bunch (i.e. 200+) of MOA, then the fixed mount paired with an NXS is a great (and far more affordable) combo - 20 MOA or 40 MOA mount with 150 MOA's in the NSX and you have a lot of room to play with - MOA's to cover most shooting situations hunters or tactical competitors would ever need or want. For the ultra long range guys...well you can't be too rich or ever have enough elevation. :)

If only NXS came with FFP reticles. :-(

Isn't that interesting. While all this discussion was going on, I just acquired another USO scope, absolutely perfect in every respect and this one with a Horus H-25 reticle.



Caliber is 7WSM, McMillan A-5, Lilja 28" 1 in 9, 3 groove, with Jewel 1# Trigger, M70SA CFA blue printed and honed (Slick as snot!)

USO 3.2-17x44/58 Ergo Day Optic with Horus H-25. Horus Web Page

I don't think NF has this available, do they?

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I was excited to see this thread near the top again - I was hoping to break 200 replies back at the 150 mark, but then everything kind of faded at 165 or so. :)

Seriously though, thats a beautiful piece of glass - I would be curious to hear your views regarding the Horus reticle, particularly at the 800 - 1000 meter range and beyond. I never really liked anything more cluttered than a mil-dot scope, but have to admit that I am intrigued by the Horus set-up. Please give us a full report after you wring it out. :) You can also hit me offline at [email protected]

Hit that simulator over at the web page, and it will tell you the whole story.

Horus is really a system, which includes reticle, Palm pilot with ATRAG software, Laser Range Finder, and KESTREL Weather station.

Very cool, and now they have a version of the H-25/USO that is lit! This rifle should hit 1000 at line 7.4 on the Horus. (~25+ MOA)


Image used by permission Mr. Dennis Sammut.


Main Axis is Mil with .2 Mil increments for both windage and elevation. Sub reticle is a MOA reticle for range finding based on the "MOA W.E.R.M. Formula".

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