NF or huskemew

Thanks for clarifying on the reticle.

For context, I was referring to dialing for distance. Seems most Huskhehaw's I've seen and read about have a custom cut dial, BDC dial on which you dial by going to a preset distance, not via counting clicks.
Got it. Yessir. So far i just use them with moa clicks on the turret instead of ordering a custom one. Just refer to my moa dope card and let er roll. I will probably order a custom sticker instead of a turret since im always changing things. I cant leave well enough alone. Problem ive had for a long time :)
Huskemaw offered an MOA calibrated turret which I installed on both my Huskemaws. Their yardsge turrets worked fine but I preferred operating with MOA. The were graduated in 1/3(.33) MOAunits…20 MOA/revolution….And very precise using my G7 RF. They were certainly fine enough for +1000 yard vital area shots on coyote.

I could live with that arrangement.

BTW, It wasn't my intention to mock or deride Huskemaw by stating it as "Huskhehaw" in my post. My phone auto corrected to that!
I’m having a 30 nosler built and I’m in the market for a scope I’m wanting a 5x25x56 or bigger in a SFP somewhere in that area. For now I’m looking at the Huskemew new tactical think it’s a 5x30x56, and the NF atacr 5x25x56 and I’m looking to see if they compare in glass quality from what I’ve read they both are very well built scopes so I’m not worried about that. I’m just looking for the clearest glass as possible my budget it $2500 maybe a little more. Guys thanks for any help

I can speak to the glass quality of the scopes compared to my Swarovski z5 5-25X52. I purchased four z5 and kept this one.
The NF 5.5-22X56 was noticeably better in low light on deer antlers in the woods and on my optics chart. I took my z5 to the scope store and compared it with the Huskemaw 5-20X50 outside the store on an optics chart. I stapled the chart on a power pole about a block away. Both the employee and I agreed the glass in them was so close to the same we could not tell the difference.

I might as well throw in this. When I compared the March 2 1/2-25X52 with the NF 5.5-20X56 the NF was way easier to see the whole "picture" quickly. I was so blown away by the ease of the NF I forgot to think about which had the better glass.