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Jul 18, 2003
What is the best tack scope the uso or the night force? Please give your reasons.I would also like to hear from those that have used both. Thank you for your time and responses.
NF by far.
USO has good glass and the fixed powers are good but the variables have all kind of problems. They are currently recalling one model because the whole line (about 20 scopes) had the wrong pitch on the turrets and "under" tracked.

Not saying NF is perfect but it's not as ugly as the USO.
Usually I don't get involved with "Which scope is better" discussion because so much depends upon the mission, personal tastes, and budget. But when I see responses such as posted by Chris, I can't help but ask: exactly what are the problems that the USO variables have? Please be specific.

Regarding the screw pitch, it wasn't a "line" of scopes; it was a particular turret, a new one developed by USO that permits a 45 MOA elevation change in one revolution in 1/2 MOA click values, i.e., ninety clicks per revolution. The first batch of scopes with this turret were sold before the problem was caught. It wasn't a big deal - and I know because I have two of the effected scopes: one a fixed 10X, one a variable.

Now that this particular problem has been explained, I'd really like to hear about the other problems Chris has alluded to.
I've never tried a USO, but for the money, how much better than a nightforce can it be?

How do you justify the USO price? They say you can hammer a nail with it....who needs to do that?

Plus, it is real ugly!
John and Finris, I would have to say the best scope is the one in your head. Which ever one you believe is better probably is. I have a USO SN-9 and I think it is the best, but thats just me. Like what Blain said it all depends on taste.
Ditto what NH says. There is no 'best'.

Both are very good, as are at least a few others. Buy one, use one, and you'll learn that YOU make the difference WAY more than any of your tools.
I am at the same type of situation as you, trying to decide on scopes. I have stumbled on a lower priced USO line, the ST-10 series. This model starts off at $850 in fixed powers only, I assume that you can add options like Ergo, Erek, illumination, and a 34mm tube the price will increase but the total price should still be cheaper than a NSX. The NSX that is giving me a hard time in deciding is the 5.5-22x56. The rifle that this will be mounted is a AR-10T semi in .308 so extra MOA in the tube would be an advantage in order to get out a bit further. (pay a little more for the tube and save on bases and rings)

I have inquired as to pricing on a USO with a few options but I haven't received any info back, customer service? I don't think that I have read any recent stories on the NSX besides the last one insisting on price-fixing...(which automatically makes me lean towards the USO line)
I actually thought long and hard on buying a USO scope.. you know bang nails in with it and stuff....

I asked around... I have to be honest and say I heard 50/50 reviews... for $2000.. I would have expected the guys who own them to basically place them on an alter and worship them... I never got that... I have also heard rumors that you have to wait months if you order one....

I cannot justify the expense in my mind...
this is obviously my opinion.
I think the only reason to get a USO is because you think that the most expensive is always the best.

I have to agree with Wyo, the reviews do not reflect the price. Nightforce, on the other hand, has great reviews.

Can anyone give me specific reasons why a USO is better than the nightforce?
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