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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
Was told today that Leupold is no longer shipping any Mildot equipped scopes into Canada - none, nada, zilch, SFA. Their repair depot cannot get mildot reticles to make switches either.

What's the deal? Is this making certain beaurocrats feel happy, knowing that they are not living next door to a country infested with MILDOTS in their riflescopes! Bottom line is that 90% of civilian/hunter/shooter mildot scope owners have no clue what in hell they are for, they are currently sexy, as in Tactical. Not quite as dangerous as weapons of mass destruction but right up there, classed as war material or something.

Hell, we got Mad Cow Disease, we got CWD, we got Lyme, we got West Nile and now a frigging Mildot Embargo. Taking away our dots is a low blow. You Yanks can have the softwood lumber, our water, our oil, our hockey players, our faggot marriage ceremonies - but couldn't you let us have a few dots...
Holy Crap! Ian didn't you know we did it becuase the Canadian gov't won't let us import cigars from Cuba.

It's not just in Canada but mil-dots are not to be exported from here on end due to they say 9-11. Sorry you had to find out the hardway but, we will gladly SMUGGLE a truck load into you from the backside. Think of the money you can make on the Black Market

Can a hunting rifle be taken to Canada equipted with a MilDot scope?

If not, how am I to hunt? Maybe a promise to not use that function of the reticle!

22 CFR 121 (121.1 (F) ) I see Riflescopes manufactured to military specifications... BUT there is also a section in the NOTE: that states "This category does not cover riflescopes and sighting devices that are not manufactured to military specifications." I take "category" to mean Part 121 United States Munitions List.

The "near truth" may be at work here Ian... I think what is being officially states is that a riflescope (complete unit) used by the U. S. military and built to U. S. Military specs can't be exported. Hell... the military has all types of reticles in their scopes...duplex, dot, yada, yada, yada... we couldn't export anything with a reticle. Maybe someone got confused with MIL and thought Military? Where do off shore scope manufacturers make their Mil Dots?

Someone probably knee-jerked this thing and it'll rectify itself with a little push.

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Ian, it is a sad day when paranoia takes over from common sense. Should they ban all gun related magazines because of the info it might provide to would be terrorists?

How about removing the ammonia in Sweets and Barnes? That ought to keep them from shooting straight.

It is a pity things have come to this. I guess they will only export scopes now that are permanently out of focus or will never hold a setting. Could be why I never really liked Leupold. Good time for Nikon, Tasco and Bushnell.

Let's hope that common sense comes back soon. Things are getting very silly.

To the person wanting to come to Canada to hunt, there is no restrictions on recticle types in Canada. What the US gov't is afraid of is that if we get a bunch of mil dot reticles, we will be able to range their mailboxes and tires at 400yds.

At least they let us have the laser rangefinders. I guess they aren't good for ranging anything...

Enough ranting...


Not sure where you got the info from but I live is Canada also and have just been sent three from said company and have had no probs getting them across the border. I think someone is pulling your leg

Hope that is correct, glad to hear your scopes got up here. Got that info from the local gunshop. The letter that they got referred to the MK4 scope intended for the M-16 and apparently someone saw fit to read mildots into that restriction.
There does seem to be something going on, a friend tried to order a laser rangefinder last week from Cabela's and was told they could not ship to Canada (the guy was told he could order boots and clothes etc., no gun gear), another guy ordered bullets from Midway and was told the same.
Thanks for the info.
One of my shooting partners has to have a cornia transplant - I suggested that he get mildots scribed into the new lens

Could be a hell of a deal - that blond is 38", that one is 36"...
Let them try to take them mildots away! Wouldn't need them in the scope anymore

You may keep the "Fags" and Fag marriages up there in Canada. We don't want them.

Have enough of that crap around San Fransisco, Calif.

I'll send you a "mil-dot" anytime you want one.

Does not the "mil" of mil-dot refer to the graduations being 1/1000 of some measure? I don't think it has anything to do with the military. I could be wrong, but then I am possessed of common sense.

The angular distance between each dot is one MilliRadian. That is where the MilDot name comes from. Nothing to do with "MILitary".

One Milliradian subtends 10cm at 100 Meters and 1 Meter at 1000Meters


I was fairly sure it had nothing to do with the military but then, the goofballs who write laws against our freedoms don't know that, didn't want to know it or didn't take the time to discover it.
they may be caught up in the Military Use thing. the standard scope on the M24 is a Mk 4 M3A Mildot and the M40A3 has the unertl 10X Mildot
Well guys I can tell you that Leupold won't send Mil-dot scopes to Australia any more.
At least you aren't going through what we are at the moment. All pistol owners are having to surrender there pistols in a national buy back Australia wide (No Choice).
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