U.S. Optics riflescopes?

David P. Herne

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May 4, 2001
Houston, Texas
I know that some of you have had either extensive experience (or at least occasion to experiment) with U.S. Optics products. I am, therefore, asking for critiques thereof pursuant to my recent 'blind' decision to purchase one. The subject model will be a fixed 22x SN-6 and will be used on my EDM ARMS .408 Cheyenne Tactical.

I might add that I am inviting comments and/or suggestions on this subject due to recently having received scathing criticisms of these scopes from what I consider to be very reliable sources. In fact, some of the the more revered professionals/tradesmen in the custom long range & tactical riflesmithing industry are among those who have submitted such critiques to me.

What do the rest of you fellas have to say?

I would stick a SN9 externally adjustable scope on it. The SN9 will give you a lot more adjustment then the SN6. With a SN6 22x scope you won't have as much adjustment unless you get the 35mm or 40mm tube.

I have an ST10 10x44mm it is the best scope I have ever used, I traded a Swarovski 4-16 for it and would never go back. I got the 30mm tube lit-reticle and have 100 moa of elevation enough to shoot out to 1300-1400 yards with my 308 win.

USoptics have a field of view a lot larger than other companies. They are also soooooo clear that at times it is hard to read the mirage.
Wish I could afford another one, my next will be a SN3 or SN9.

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I have heard a lot of negative info on USoptics scopes too. There have been some problem scopes come out of their shop but there warranty is excellent equivalent to Leupolds.

You don't hear much about the scopes that are perfect though, isn't that always the case. Even if I got a bad scope and had to send it back to be fixed then I would still get a USoptics.
Thanks for reassuring me, brother. And incidentally, I am getting the SN6 with the 35mm main tube. Still, I'm worried about whether John Williams can put enough elevation and/or windage adjustment in one of his scopes to get a .408 CT out to its max. effective range of 2000 meters/2200 yards?

If you get the Lit reticle feature you will loose about 10-15 moa of elevation.

Another option you might consider is getting a set of Barrett's 30mm adjustable rings, that would allow you to utilize the full elevation travel in the scope. If you are going to get a fixed power scope I would reccommend you go with the 17x not the 22x, with the 17x you will have a lot less mirage problems, plus if you go with the 17x you will gain a lot more elevation adjustment. What's the point of having the higher power if you don't have enough adjustment to shoot out as far?

John Williams will want you to get a set of his rings and reccommend against the Barrett rings for this reason. I have heard good things about the Barrett adjustable rings. Another advantage with getting the adjustable rings is you will always be able to shoot out as far as you want to because they add like 300 moa of travel.
A lot!

no, just kidding, I'm not sure but I would look at the USO SN9 for those kind of ranges.
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