Any Delivery Problems with U.S. Optics?

Oct 11, 2002
Silvis, IL
Please PM me if you have made down-payments for scopes from US Optics and either have not received your scopes or the deliveries took excessively long to get your orders.


I would imagine that it depends upon what you've ordered. I just received (today in fact) an SN3 3.2-17X44 with a 35mm tube that I had ordered 19 November 2002. The scope would have been shipped in about 2 weeks after I placed the order, but I had specified OD as the color and that required the additional time.

I also have an ST-10 that needed to have its elevation apparatus looked at. I sent it in last week by ground, USO got in yesterday and I got it back today. There is nothing wrong with their service as far as I can see.

If you are having problems, call 714.994.4901 and ask to speak with John Williams III. He is the son of the owner and founder and is a pleasure to deal with. Good luck.

By the way, you will be glad if you forge ahead and get through whatever problem exists. The USO product is second to none.
I really like USoptics too! They have been getting scopes out a lot faster lately.


Would you do me a favor and check and see how much total elevation adjustment you have in your SN3? Did you get the 1/2 moa knob on your SN3 too?
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> We waited over 18 months after putting down a $2,000 dep. and demanded our money back after 20 months and finally getting a look through some one elses US optics product side by side with some other brands. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

S1: Sorry to hear that. Did you run into anyone else with similar problems??? Do you remember who all you dealt with? This is kind of the stuff I've been finding out.


I ordered the SN3 with 45 MOA per turn and because I did that, the total elevation is fixed to that configuration. In other words, because I have a 35mm tube, I could have gotten a hell of a lot more elevation, but I wanted the 45 MOA/rotation 1/2 MOA/click setup. Since this scope is destined for a 300 WSM, I figure the realistic max range for this rifle is 1200 yds. and this configuration will work just fine.

By the way, I see that the original prototype 3-screw knob has given way to a 2-screw version with an extra cap that covers the hex adjustment screw. Very nice.

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Do you know how much elevation adjustment can be had with the 96 click knob?

As far as the 96 click knob restricting the elevation adjustment goes: I was wondering if you can turn the set screw for your zero then have say 90 moa up from there.

In other words can the 90 moa adjustment in the knob go up and down in the tube by means of using the set screw? Hope I am making sense.

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