Tss turkey loads

Tss is a complete different animal. Never shot it but theres some impressive patterns out there. If people think hevi shot magnum blend is just as good their off their rocker! I used to shoot magnum blend. Got sick of paying out the nose for it and switched to Winchester long beard and got better patterns with long beard. I dont reload shotgun because I dont shoot it unless its Turkey season. I just cant justify spending 10 bucks a shell when 90% of the time my birds are under 30 yards. Definitely some great stuff though and I'd say the best shell on the market right now. This is my NH bird this year. 19 yards with long beard #6 out of my Winchester sx3 with a Carlson's long beard choke. He never even wiggled. Pummeled him. Headed to Vermont later this week hoping to knock another one
Nice bird creedmoor shooter! I killed a lot of birds with that same load and choke combo. I just switched to tss 31/2” 9’s this year still using the carlsons long beard choke, its amazing how many pellets hit your target! Killed a good one first season in Illinois.
on monday morning this bird met his end while looking for love. federal tss 1-3/4 oz #9 shot at 47 yards from my remington shorty 12ga.


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sounds like you may need new recoil springs as it seems like the breech block is starting to move rearward early before the pressure is down and the case is still pressed againest the chamber wall.
assuming to are referring to my post about tearing the rims on the viper g2 20ga-- its not the recoil spring as it does not do it with any other factory ammo including longbeard (and the gun only has about 50 rounds through it since new--if that)-- the rim/brass on the tss appears to actually be made of a coated steel and not brass so it is thinner than the brass rim on the longbeard shells-- that is the only thing I can think of as it doesn't do it on 5 other brands of turkey loads, just the tss
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i use the tss 20 ga and tss 12ga in both pumps(winchester 1300-remington 870) and auto loaders( remington 1187- bretta 391) and have had no problems. i just looked at several federal tss empities and noticed no abnormal marks. maybe you got a bad batch, e-mail or call federal, at 34-38 dollars for five shells you should not have any problems. i posted about a worn recoil spring or over gassed problem that would let the action to open while pressure was to high.
I'll check with federal, of course I tossed the 2 shells we shot through it for patterning at 30&40 yards (saving 3 for hunting) but it tore the rim on both of them... I have since bought another box so I'll check the lot number and maybe try 1 from the other box-- I hate to shoot an $8 round just to see if it will do it again.

It doesnt do it on cheepo win or fed dove shot, or kentTurkey, longbeard,heavi shot triple beard, rem nitro Turkey or even the win fast steel loads-- just the tss
I picked up some Hevi-18 TSS from Hevishot and cleanly took a gobbler at 73 yards. Just amazed the energy these shells possess at extended ranges the 18g/cc compared to lead is like bringing a gun to a knife fight NO COMPARISON. The gobbler barely twitched when he was shot. I am a believer
I picked up some Hevi-18 TSS from Hevishot and cleanly took a gobbler at 73 yards. Just amazed the energy these shells possess at extended ranges the 18g/cc compared to lead is like bringing a gun to a knife fight NO COMPARISON. The gobbler barely twitched when he was shot. I am a believer
yes they work! 54 yard shot, DOA.


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I shoot the Apex 8.5s and have several buddies that shoot 9-9.5s, they are very lethal. I shoot a patternmaster and also have a Jebs 0.660” per Jebs recommendation. Mine groups well with the patternmaster and haven’t tested the Jebs. Here is a photo off of the Apex website and mine is very similar at 40yds.


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I agree Eastbank. The Hevi 18 Tss Turkey shells from Hevishot are amazing. They retain so much energy at extended ranges and hold their patterns incredibly. They come in 12 gauge, 20 gauge and .410 gauges which gives all gauge turkey hunters an option.
I use to look at TSS turkey shells and think just to much $$$ but for some turkey hunters this year they might not have any choice but to use Federal TSS shells. I have been looking 2-4x a week for the last 12-14 weeks both on line and at my LGS's and until tonight NOBODY had any standard 12ga lead turkey shells available for sale. Plenty of $10 a round TSS but no 12ga standard turkey shells.
I bought 10 boxes as that should last me and my boys for close to10 additional seasons on top of what I already have.
I am wondering are standard turkey shells unavailable because it's not close enough to SWTS or are they also going to be difficult to get?

BTW, Federal and Browning TSS shells at my LGS was selling for $47-$57 for a box of five. With S&H I paid $30 per box of 10 standard 12ga 3.5 2oz of #5 shells.
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I’m with you, I used too think they were just to expensive until I patterned some. I may shoot a box per year so it’s not terrible on me. To me they are a more better pattern density with no significant voids. I don’t like to shoot 70yds but if a bird gets hung up and my time is almost out I have no reservations about letting him flop. One thing I don’t understand is guys using a 20 over a 12 saying it’s lighter. My SBE 3 24” turkey edition is a little less than a pound heavier than the Beretta A400 Lite which to my knowledge is the lightest 20 semiautomatic. To me it doesn’t make sense just to shave 1lb. I have buddies that love their 20s and how great they are but I don’t see it. But I’m the guy that shoots 3.5” because they don’t make a 4” lol.
I am wanting to start hand loading some tss for my sp10 anyone have any tips where I can get the stuff to get started?