Trust Land

Well I wait for the rest of the story but, meeezzz starting to think "the grass ain't any greener on the otherside.
Eagerly awaiting the rest of the story.........

I 'member years a go (about 38) that the City Marshall of McCammon Idaho retarred. They were looking for a new one. I was fresh out of the Navy, married and a baby living in a 10X50 MH in the owner's front yard. I figured what the hey. I went over to the pompous old geezer (The towns answer to Boss Hog) and stated my case.

I knew that there wasn't much hope as I was new in town and most probably the only republican in the area.:)

The guy that got the job was a good friend. I wired his "pink caddy" the humongous fins for the siringe etc.

We spend many an evening shootin' skunks at the city dump. The only real action in the whole town.:D

At least I can say that I was almost considered for a Marshall's job in the West.:D
Wow, sounds like next time I go to watertown I should watch my speed lol!

I had no idea that the county roads were not marked in that area. I guess I'm just spoiled w/ mn county's roads.
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