Trigger presentation and pistol grip style



I would appreciate comment regards above topic. Over the years I have begun to appreciate a more vertical pistolgrip which provides a better approach to the trigger by the index finger. This seems to allow better feel and follow through.
What are the board's thoughts? Do you prefer a hunting style [M40A-1] or more vertical a la McM A series?

I am about to order a new stock for LR and am considering the McM A series but my main problem is that here in Australia they are uncommom. That makes it difficult to handle one to assess the grip angle and hand fit.
I understand that the A series stocks have differing dimensions in the pistol grip between say A2 and A3/A5 which are similar?
Hi Mate.. i agree with you on the ergonomics of a more vertical grip.
I find the HS Precision varmint stock have a grip that is to short and not vertical enough. The PSS stock is also to short in the grip, thier vertical grip tactical stock is good.
Hogue and the Gen Purpose Hunting (M40) stock from McMillan are ok.
I have a thumbhole sporter stock from HS that is great, i just wish they would make the same stock available with a varmint style front end.
I do like the McMillan A3. it is a very nice stock, very comfortable and very ergonomic. you won't go wrong if you get one.. Pete
Thanks Pete
I have friend with a HS stock and find that it is much too tight in that the trigger is too close to the pistolgrip and "crowds" my hand.
I have been leaning towards an A3 as they can also be made about the lightest in the A series.
I really like the near vertical grip on my A2 and A5. I find it more comfortable to shoot in any position.

The only area where the less angled grip seems more comfortable to me, is in carrying the rifle in both hands, one hand on the pistol grip. The less angled grip is a little faster (for me) to transition from a two-handed carry to a shooting position.

I am a big fan of the thumbhole stock and the 1911 grip angle. For me, that is the most comfortable way to shoot in any position but especially prone and standing.

I just picked up a Thumbhole varmint stock from Boyds and it is so comfortable. Can't wait to inlet for my new 6.5.

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