Took a new hunter out


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Mar 18, 2020
Foot of the Blue Ridge in the shadow of Gun Mtn
Had a young man from work ask if I would take him hunting. He has wanted to go since he was a kid but his dad never got around to it. Now he is in his twenties and about to start the police academy for the Dept. I retired from. Since he has never been I agreed to take him out to deer camp.


we sat overlooking a crossing at the end of a field. The deer came out at a lasered 170 yards. After fiddling with a few shooting positions he settled into a kneeling position with his rifle rested in the crotch of a small tree. A single shot from his Ruger American in 6.5 creed saw the deer walk off a bit. There was no obvious reaction to the hit So I was worried he made a clean miss. After waiting a bit we went and looked for blood. We found none at all. We started a spiral search of the immediate area and a moment later I heard " Is that him over there!?"
Sure enough 40 yards away was a nice 8pt buck for his first deer ever.

That kid is still grinning 2 weeks later.


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May 17, 2016
That is awesome and you taught him to take time and look for the deer after the shot. Most of the time if the deer is not laying right there or there is not a blood-trail, people will give up looking. You created a memory for him that he will remember the rest of his life.

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