To QRW Or Not?


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Sep 12, 2002
I'm a fan of Leupold QRW series rings and would like to switch my scope between a couple of rifles with the same Ken Farrell LR base. Would this be an advisable practice or should I just put a seperate set of QRWs on each rifle? Also should these rings be lapped in as Nightforce recommends?
Your Warnes will return very close each time you move them, but there will be a bit of variation. I tested that under very controled conditions and found that they returned very well but settled slightly after three shots, then stayed constant. Trick is to make sure that they are butted firmly in the front part of the cross-slot, so that they cannot be effected by recoil.
Accuracy in my shooting was within an inch at 100 yards. Variation was usually consistently in a given direction that seemed to vary with each rifle.
Have heard of guys lapping Warnes, not sure how well that works with vertically split rings. If nothing else it might reduce ringmarks from the sharp outer edges.

Thanks for the info. One sure way to find out is to put them together and see what happens. I don't mind POI being a little off, my concern is torquing the scope when switching rifles. UPS man just delivered the stuff from Sinclair, so I guess I'll have at it. Too bad it's beginning to snow, may be a couple of days before I know for sure.

QRW sounded like a good idea. But the 3 I had were all pretty fragile (especially those two tiny springs for the Quick Release level). I have since given up up on QRW and gone to PRW. QRW is just not sturdy enough for any serious work.
Tried the QRW's and were not that impressed. The idea of using a lever to loosen rings is nice but they end up getting in the way and can break or snagg in hunting situations. Also, never felt that comfortable not being able to "tighten" them well - afraid of loosening under recoil.

I have found that the Burris rings for weaver bases can be removed and remounted with little loss of zero. You do have to use a screwdriver, but I feel better being able to torque them nice and tight. There is also nothing to snag on or break.

Plus you can get the Sig rings with inserts so you don't need to lap. Great for shimming scope too. Less money as a bonus.

I have been using the PRW Leupold rings for a while now and they work just fine. They are similar to the QRW except that they have two torex screws which hold them on instead of the lever that the QRW has.
Mounted the QRWs on the Farrell base and placed the scope on the bottom ring set. Seemed square with no wobble to the scope at all. When sighting in I found I was a little over one MOA off the bore, not bad. The 30 AI recoil isn't too much so I don't think I'll have a problem breaking the ring set like I have heard from other shooters mainly with high horsepower boomers. Leupold also changed the cross piece from round to square which may help. You're right Jerry in that the levers do stick out and could snag or present a problem. We'll see.
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